Netflix comes in with everything; these are the premieres that arrive in August

Netflix comes in with everything; these are the premieres that arrive in August

Netflix has ready for its users new news in series, movies, family content and even anime for the month of August Always at the end of the month Netflix users are eager to know the premieres that the platform will have for the month to come and now it has announced the catalog for the month of August. Netflix is … Read more

Trump suggests delaying elections and denounces fraud

Trump elections

In a move that is being harshly criticized by different sectors and with less than 100 days to go until the November presidential elections take place , Trump suggested that the elections be postponed and affirmed that he feels there will be fraud in the results. With universal voting by mail (not absentee voting, which is good), 2020 … Read more

Why is International Friendship Day celebrated on July 30?

International Friendship Day

This day has been celebrated since 2011, after its official proclamation by the UN Celebrating the value of friendship and its ability to show the best of the human spirit is the objective of this celebration, which lives this Thursday, July 30, its International Day. A good day to enjoy all the good that our friends offer us. To toast … Read more

Malik B., rapper and co-founder of the Roots, dies at 47

Malik B dies

The rapper was a founder and member of The Roots during the 90s. The influential group hinted in 2002 that his departure was related to the musician’s drug addictions. “With tears in our eyes, we regret to inform you of the death of our beloved brother and long-time member of The Roots Malik Abdul Basit .” In this … Read more

Herman Cain dies after month-long battle with coronavirus

Herman Cain dies

ATLANTA – 2012 presidential candidate Herman Cain died in an Atlanta-area hospital after battling the coronavirus, according to a statement posted on his official Twitter account on Thursday. He was 74 years old. Cain had been hospitalized in early July for COVID-19. As co-chair of Black Voices for Trump, Cain was one of the substitutes at President Donald Trump’s June 20 … Read more

Riley Keough gets tattoo in honor of late brother

Riley Keough gets tattoo in honor of late brother

Giving a sample that is trying to assimilate the tragic event of her brother’s suicide, Riley Keough shared a touching tribute to Benjamin, showing his followers a tattoo with his name on it. She wrote in the caption: “Mornings are the most difficult. I forget that you are gone. I can’t cry because of the … Read more

Beckie Mullen died: how did the actress die?

Beckie Mullen died

The actress also worked on the series ‘Pacific Blue’ and ‘Renegade’ and on the music video for the song ‘Poundcake’, by the group Van Halen. Watch it! Wrestling actress and legend Beckie Mullen died of cancer at age 55. The death of the star of the series ‘Married With Children’ and of the wrestling program ‘Gorgeous Ladies … Read more

Woman dies after apparent shark attack off the coast of Maine, something that happens very rarely in that state

shark attack

The victim was swimming on Baily Island when she was apparently attacked by a shark, according to eyewitnesses. She was taken to the coast by people who were kayaking, first responders gave her first aid, but she died at the site. A woman swimming near Bailey Island, on the Maine coast, died Monday after being apparently … Read more

Alex Rodriguez turned 45 years old. How do I celebrate J.Lo?

Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez form a very beautiful couple, they look very much in love, intertwined and happy and due to coincidences in life, they are both under the same zodiac sign, Leo, since the two celebrate their birthday in July and for very few days of difference, J.Lo turns 24 and Alex on 27, that’s why … Read more

CONFIRMED: Government wants to give checks of only $ 200 dollars for unemployment

CONFIRMED: Government wants to give checks of only $ 200 dollars for unemployment

Since the outbreak of the pandemic of the COVID-19, millions of workers have lost their jobs, and amid the effects left by the loss of income, which managed to make them keep afloat was largely the check of $ 600 Extra that the CARES Law approved last March. Since then and until this week that ended, the country’s unemployed (who … Read more