Woman dies after apparent shark attack off the coast of Maine, something that happens very rarely in that state

The victim was swimming on Baily Island when she was apparently attacked by a shark, according to eyewitnesses. She was taken to the coast by people who were kayaking, first responders gave her first aid, but she died at the site.

A woman swimming near Bailey Island, on the Maine coast, died Monday after being apparently attacked by a shark , according to a report by local authorities.

If confirmed after forensic analysis, it could be the first deadly shark attack on a registered human in the state in a long time.

In a statement, the Maine Department of Marine Resources said it is investigating the swimmer’s death in Harpswell. “According to the Marine Patrol, an eyewitness reported that the woman was swimming off shore near White Sails Lane when she was injured in what appeared to be a shark attack. Nearby kayakers brought her to shore and rescuers were called. to the scene where she was declared dead, “says the text.

The identity of the victim has been reserved, because they must first communicate it to their relatives.

The Maine Marine Patrol now recommends swimmers and boaters to be careful around Baily Island and avoid schools of fish or seals.

“It is a little puzzling now,” Robert Van Der Feyst told the local NECN network “Yesterday I was swimming on the island there. I was saying to myself, ‘This is very safe,'” he added.

Based on the location of the suspected shark attack, James Sulikowski, an expert with the Arizona State University Sulikowski Fish and Shark Conservation Laboratory, told the Portland Press Herald that it could have been a white shark.

The Sulikowski lab recently spotted great white sharks in southern Maine, and on Sunday they found a seal corpse on the beach in Phippsburg, Maine, with a 19-inch bite wound.

Last year, a white shark was spotted a mile from Goose Rocks Beach in Kennebunkport, Maine. The shorebirds were warned about the sighting, but the beach was not closed at the time.

In any case, the historical records of shark attacks in Maine hardly refer to cases. The most recent was in October 2010 when diver Scott MacNichol, 30, was filming in the waters off the Eastport coast and managed to catch the attack of a shark that came to hit him, although the diver was unhurt.

MacNichol calculated that the shark was 8 feet long and weighed close to 300 pounds. “He took a few bites of the camera. When he did, I was pretty petrified,” MacNichol then told CBS News . “If you watch the video, you can hear me scream underwater.”

The University of Florida International Archive of Shark Attacks has also recorded only one unprovoked shark attack in Maine since 1837.

According to the International Archive of Shark Attacks, last year there were 64 confirmed cases of unprovoked attacks on humans, of which two caused deaths. Only one of those attacks was registered in Maine, while Florida , at the top of the list, shows 852.

The record shows a decline in shark attacks so far this year, likely due to restrictions imposed by the coronavirus crisis.

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