93-year-old Woman Crosses The US Border In A Wheelchair

93 year old women cross the us border

A 93-year-old Honduran woman crossed the border with her family. The wheelchair where she is prostrate was not an impediment to make the hard journey.  Trinidad Tábora and her granddaughter set out on the dangerous path together with other Central Americans in search of the American dream and managed to reach Rome, Texas, from Tamaulipas, Mexico.  Photojournalist John Moore … Read more

A fire near Los Angeles (USA) forces 60,000 people to evacuate

A fire near Los Angeles forces 60,000 people to evacuate

Los Angeles (USA), Oct 26. (EFE) .- A rapidly advancing fire broke out early Monday near Los Angeles (California, USA), forcing some 60,000 people to evacuate after burning more than 800 hectares in a few hours. The fire, baptized by the authorities as “Silverado”, began to advance around 6:45 local time (13:45 GMT) in Orange County, … Read more

The US threatens to destroy Iranian missiles shipped to Venezuela

The US will destroy missiles that Iran delivers to Venezuela

The US special representative for Iran and Venezuela, Elliott Abrams, has asserted that the US government will destroy the Iranian long-range missiles if Tehran decides to send them to Venezuela. “The transfer of long-range missiles from Iran to Venezuela is not acceptable to the United States and will not be tolerated or allowed,” Abrams told Fox News. “We will do everything possible to … Read more

At least 4 dead as Tropical Storm Isaias lashes US east coast

At least 4 dead as Tropical Storm Isaias lashes US east coast

At least four people died after tropical storm Isaias caused tornadoes and heavy rains along the east coast of the United States, after making landfall as a hurricane in North Carolina, where it caused floods and fires that displaced dozens. of people. Two people died when Isaiah caused a tornado that hit a trailer park … Read more

Rapper Bobby Shmurda could be released from prison this week

bobby shmurda released

Bobby Shmurda’s peak in hip-hop was short but very striking. The young rapper presented the necessary energy to become a major highlight of the scene. Arrested in late 2014 along with members of the GS9 gang, Bobby will be released from prison this year. Bobby Shmurda’s freedom is scheduled to be granted on December 11, but … Read more

Frank Ocean’s younger brother dies in fatal car accident, according to website

Frank Ocean's younger brother dies

Frank Ocean’s brother Ryan Breaux died. It was reported on Sunday that Frank Ocean’s younger brother, Ryan Breaux, died in a car accident, the two were extremely close. A few hours ago, speculation swept through fans, with a suggestion that the American died. Unfortunately, this has now been confirmed by several sources – no word yet on … Read more

She was saved from the fracture! Ionescu, WNBA promise, and severe injury

Sabrina Ionescu  injury

The No. 1 draft pick, who is poised to be the competition’s star and was mentored by Kobe Bryant, suffered the injury 12 minutes into the duel between New York’s Liberty, who has lost all three games, and the Atlanta Dream WNBA draft number one Sabrina Ionescu left the court with an ankle injury Friday 12 minutes … Read more

Trump announces that he will ban the use of TikTok in the United States

tik tok ban in usa

The president assures that he will take the measure this Saturday in fear that the platform will be used by Chinese intelligence US President Donald Trump announced on Friday that he will ban the Chinese-owned social network TikTok in the United States, amid concerns that the platform may be used by Beijing to spy. The announcement constitutes a new step … Read more

Gigi Hadid shares the most romantic photo with Zayn Malik, the father of the baby who is waiting

Gigi Hadid

The news of Gigi Hadid’s pregnancy caught all her fans off guard  , thus becoming the most unexpected (and happy) thing in complete confinement. Ever since the model made it public, fans of the relationship between the model and Zayn Malik have not stopped paying attention to every news that emerged on social networks. In fact, since Gigi Hadid announced she was expecting a baby … Read more