The actress also worked on the series ‘Pacific Blue’ and ‘Renegade’ and on the music video for the song ‘Poundcake’, by the group Van Halen. Watch it!

Wrestling actress and legend Beckie Mullen died of cancer at age 55. The death of the star of the series ‘Married With Children’ and of the wrestling program ‘Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling’ was confirmed by her mother and daughter in statements to the American website TMZ .

“She fought as hard as she could,” Mullen’s daughter, Brittani Rabay, said in confirming her mother’s death to the international press

Mullen lived in the city of Palm Springs, California, and was diagnosed with liver and colon cancer in October last year.

Her mother said her daughter had been suffering a lot in the past few months because of treatment for her illness.

Beckie Mullen died
Wrestling actress and legend Beckie Mullen in action on Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (Photo: Playback)
In addition to his work on ‘Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling’ and ‘Married With Children’, Mullen also starred in productions such as the humor show ‘MadTV’ and series like ‘Pacific Blue’ and ‘Renegade’.
Beckie Mullen died
Wrestling actress and legend Beckie Mullen in Married with Children scene (Photo: Reproduction)

She also has in the curriculum a participation in the clip of the song ‘Poundcake’, by the rock group Van Halen, watch the production:

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