Giving a sample that is trying to assimilate the tragic event of her brother’s suicide, Riley Keough shared a touching tribute to Benjamin, showing his followers a tattoo with his name on it. She wrote in the caption: “Mornings are the most difficult. I forget that you are gone. I can’t cry because of the fear of never stopping. A new pain for me. You. There are no words for you. Angel is the closest. I could think of. Pure light. Little brother. Best friend “.

Riley Keough,
Brothers Benjamin and Riley Keough, grandchildren of Elvis Presley

In the text that accompanies the photo showing a tattoo in cursive with her brother’s first two names, “Benjamin Storm”, Riley also wrote: “Wild man. Intellectual. Witness of my life. Soulmate. Protector. Very sensitive to this world “I hope you give me strength to eat. I hope you are cradled in love. I hope you feel my love. I hope you feel God. You are God. I can’t believe you left me “.

Riley Keough,
Elvis Presley’s daughter (1935-1977), Lisa Marie Presley, in the company of her son Benjamin Keough

Riley and Benjamin are the children of singer Lisa Marie Presley with musician Danny Keough. They are half brothers of the twins Harper and Finley, 11, the result of the union of Elvis Presley’s daughter with Michael Lockwood. Benjamin shot himself in the morning on the 12th of July.

Riley Keough tattoo
Riley Keough tattoo in honor of brother Ben

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