Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez form a very beautiful couple, they look very much in love, intertwined and happy and due to coincidences in life, they are both under the same zodiac sign, Leo, since the two celebrate their birthday in July and for very few days of difference, J.Lo turns 24 and Alex on 27, that’s why the Diva from the Bronx dedicated a nice message of congratulations to her beloved along with a beautiful video.

“You’re on television right now and I’m sitting here in the studio looking at you and thinking about how I just want to be here with you… laughing and joking and enjoying life together… whatever it is, wherever it is… it doesn’t matter. the blessing I have in you … happy 13th birthday … “, wrote the famous star on her Instagram account.

The interpreter of “On the Floor” accompanied the beautiful message with a meaningful video where A-rod can be seen at different stages of his life since he was a baby, going through his childhood, adolescence, youth and his professional career as a baseball player.


In addition, JLo showed in the clip the incredible moments they share with the children of both, forming a wonderful family and also precious and romantic situations of the famous couple, ending it with a “Happy Birthday Macho”.

It should be noted that, on Jennifer’s birthday, her “Macho” was not far behind and also wrote her a beautiful congratulatory message.

“Happy birthday Macha !!!. Every moment with you is magical. You are the best partner, the best mother, the most incredible artist. A model to follow. A hero. An inspiration. I am so proud of you. I love you very much! ”, Accompanying the message with a compilation of beautiful moments lived by lovers and beginning it with a“ Happy Birthday Jennifer ”.

The admirers of the renowned couple did not wait and sent them multiple comments of congratulations and happiness.

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