CONFIRMED: Government wants to give checks of only $ 200 dollars for unemployment

Since the outbreak of the pandemic of the COVID-19, millions of workers have lost their jobs, and amid the effects left by the loss of income, which managed to make them keep afloat was largely the check of $ 600 Extra that the CARES Law approved last March.

Since then and until this week that ended, the country’s unemployed (who have papers, because the undocumented continue to live their own drama by not qualifying for the great aid) were able to collect $ 600 weekly , in addition to the amount that each state gives for unemployment, but the picture is quite rough.

The extra $ 600 ended July 25 in most states and July 26 in New York, and although House Democrats had included extending the benefit through 2021, Senate Republicans completely ignored that provision and In the aid package they presented this Monday they gave bad news.

The proposed extra help checks will not only not be $ 600 but will be $ 200, 66% less and will only be issued until October.

“At that time states are supposed to put a more complex program online where those who are still unemployed can collect 70 percent of their previous wages,” FOX News said.

And is that the vision of Democrats and Republicans is completely opposite. While the former defend the need for aid to be kept at $ 600 to ensure that the unemployed can continue to survive, members of President Trump’s party, who went as far as to suggest even only $ 100 a week of extra help, say they keep that amount at $ 600. It will make millions of unemployed Americans unwilling to return to their jobs.

Pelosi Touts Extension of $ 600 Weekly Federal Unemployment PaymentsU.S. Congressman Dan Kildee, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard E. Neal and Worker and Family Support Subcommittee Chairman Danny K. Davis will hold a press conference on Capitol Hill to discuss the need to extend enhanced federal unemployment insurance. Subscribe to our YouTube channel: QUICKTAKE ON SOCIAL: Follow QuickTake on Twitter: Like QuickTake on Facebook: Follow QuickTake on Instagram: Subscribe to our newsletter: Email us at QuickTake by Bloomberg is a global news network delivering up-to-the-minute analysis on the biggest news, trends and ideas for a new generation of leaders.2020-07-24T17: 38: 17Z

Senator Chuck Grassley told a news conference that the goal of reducing the figure to $ 200 is for federal unemployment benefits to be no more than 70% of the income that beneficiaries earned when they lost their jobs.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin himself said the $ 600 weekly bonus can create a disincentive for beneficiaries to return to work, contradicted by many economists and politicians who claim that of the nearly 30 million Americans who are currently applying for benefits of unemployed, a good part will not be able to return to their jobs because they no longer exist.

After learning about the provision and the intention of the Republican majority in the Senate, the leaders of the Democratic Party have already expressed their opposition, which suggests that the negotiations for the complete package of stimuli to see the light will be a storm.

“If Republicans care about working families, this won’t take long. Time is running out . Congress cannot go home without a deal, “said Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House, on her Twitter, who warned that they will not give their arm to twist over the removal of the $ 600.

Senate Democrat Chief Charles Schumer also criticized the Republicans’ move to cut aid to $ 200 a week, warning it would directly cause unprecedented harm to 30 million people and have a terrible impact on the economy.

“The Republican proposal on unemployment benefits is simply not feasible,” said the New York lawmaker.

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