Trump suggests delaying elections and denounces fraud

In a move that is being harshly criticized by different sectors and with less than 100 days to go until the November presidential elections take place , Trump suggested that the elections be postponed and affirmed that he feels there will be fraud in the results.

With universal voting by mail (not absentee voting, which is good), 2020 will be the most INACTIVE and FRAUDULENT election in history,” Trump said Thursday, July 30, on his Twitter account, where he also stated that the results will not be fair. “It will be a great shame for the United States. Delay elections until people can vote properly and safely? ”

Trump had already been letting out trills in that direction for several months, questioning the honesty of the results , but has increased his complaints and attacks on his possible Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, when polls show that he is even ahead by double digits. .’


CNN warned that in this way he would like to delay the elections, Trump, as president, does not have the power to make that determination, since it is Congress that sets the date for the elections, which is already given for November 3.

The cited stressed that this Tuesday, during a hearing in the House Justice Committee, Attorney General William Barr was questioned about the fears shown by Trump that there is a possible fraud in the elections, and the White House official himself denied it.


The prosecutor said that “he had no reason to think” that the elections could be “manipulated”, but warned that voting by mail could cause concern.

“If you have a vote by mail mostly, it substantially increases the risk of fraud,” said the official.

NBC News said Trump does not have the authority to delay elections, and made it clear that the Constitution empowers Congress only for the purpose of election dates.
“Historically, voting by mail has not led to massive electoral fraud. And nonpartisan electoral experts say the possibility of foreign entities printing millions of fraudulent mail ballots in November is highly unlikely, “the outlet warned.

A couple of months ago Biden had already expressed his fear that Trump would try to do what he could to be able to delay the elections and stay in power longer
“Mark my words: I think he is going to try to delay the elections in some way, come up with an explanation of why they can’t be held, ”said the Democrat during a fundraising event in April.

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