Apple Will Block Epic Games If They Do Not Comply With The Rules With ‘Fortnite’

Apple will block Epic Games

Apple responded to Epic Games following the scandal the previous week. They have a week to comply with the rules again, otherwise they will lock their developer accounts. Through its Twitter account, Epic Games announced that Apple finally spoke out after the legal scandal of the previous week, which involved Fortnite and direct payments. According to the North Carolina study, Apple gave … Read more

Two Men Indicted For The 2002 Murder Of Rapper Of The Group Run-DMC

Jam Master Jay

New York, Aug 17.- New York authorities have revealed this Monday that they have indicted two men for the 2002 murder of Jam Master Jay, the rapper and DJ of the legendary hip-hop trio Run-DMC, who was shot point-blank in a Queen’s borough recording studio in an incident that had remained unsolved. The District Attorney … Read more

Rebel Wilson Shows Her Slim Figure And Shows Off Her Curves

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss

The celebrity received thousands of compliments for how beautiful she looks and for her confidence and security. Rebel Wilson has surprised once again in networks with a striking look, with which she shows her slim figure and shows off her curves. The famous celebrity shared from her Instagram account some images in which she wore … Read more

California Fire: What is a Fire Tornado and how dangerous can it be?

Fire Tornado

As if that were not enough with the coronavirus pandemic, a fiery tornado was recorded on Saturday near a fire in the state of California. 2020 continues to bring many surprises. A year that surely many people want to erase from their minds. From giant wasps, anti-racism marches, locust rain, explosions, and more, now a strange tornado of fire … Read more

How Much Money Could You Get From The Second Stimulus Check?

How much money could you get from the second stimulus check.

Do the president’s executive orders affect the mailing of the next check? Here’s how to calculate how much you could get, if a second payment is approved. In response to failed negotiations on the next economic package, President Donald Trump stepped in and signed an executive order and three memoranda  designed to help meet the needs of individuals … Read more

Robert Trump dies at 72: how did Donald Trump’s brother die?

Robert Trump died at the age of 72 on August 15. He was the younger brother and only surviving brother of President Donald Trump with whom he had a close relationship. That makes a lot of people wonder how Robert died. Robert died in hospital, where he had been for at least a day, but the specific nature … Read more

Donald Trump’s younger brother hospitalized in New York

Donald Trump's younger brother hospitalized in New York

Robert Trump is “very ill” although the causes are unknown Robert Trump, the younger brother of US President Donald Trump, has been admitted to a New York hospital and is “very ill” although the causes are unknown, local media reported this Friday. Robert Trump, 77, spent ten days in the intensive care unit at Mount Sinai in Manhattan … Read more

The Truth Behind The Alleged “Escape” Of The Annabelle Doll

Annabelle doll

If the year 2020 has already been complicated due to the coronavirus and other events that have impacted on society, the alleged disappearance of the Annabelle doll quickly became a trend in social networks as another phenomenon to make current affairs worse. But in reality, it is a Fake News. Some media replicated a series of internet rumors that … Read more