Fortnite: How to access the Galactus event in the Battle Royale?

Fortnite will receive the World Eater at the end of its fourth season. On the afternoon of this December 1, Fortnite will have its largest event to date with the arrival of the devourer of worlds from Marvel Comics: Galactus . Season 4 of the acclaimed Battle Royale is coming to an end and it is definitely an event that you cannot … Read more

Apple Will Block Epic Games If They Do Not Comply With The Rules With ‘Fortnite’

Apple will block Epic Games

Apple responded to Epic Games following the scandal the previous week. They have a week to comply with the rules again, otherwise they will lock their developer accounts. Through its Twitter account, Epic Games announced that Apple finally spoke out after the legal scandal of the previous week, which involved Fortnite and direct payments. According to the North Carolina study, Apple gave … Read more