“I’m Going To Sue The Plastic Surgeon”: Zac Efron’s “New Face” Sparked Mockery And criticism

The actor’s name became a trend this morning for a video in the framework of World Earth Day

On the morning of this Friday, the name of actor Zac Efron, the protagonist of various films, such as the children’s saga High School Musical and famous for his environmental activism, became a trend on social networks due to a photograph in which he appeared with a deformed face.

Within the framework of Earth Day, celebrated on April 22, the actor participated in “Earth Day! The Musical ”an exclusive video from Facebook Watch, which featured the participation of great artists such as Justin Bieber, Maluma, Steve Aoki and was organized by television host and science educator, Bill Nye.

In the clip for the preservation of the Earth, celebrities from the American music industry, Broadway artists such as Idina Menzel, and environmental activists such as the Mexican Xiye Bastida, appeared extremely enthusiastic to invite the public to join in “restoring the Earth ”With concrete actions.

However, the one who surprised all the netizens was the actor and, recently, environmental activist, Zac Efron. Well, in that audiovisual he appeared with an altered face and very different from how it has been seen on previous occasions.

On the digital platforms, the reactions of the Internet users did not wait, who soon pointed out that the actor may have undergone some plastic surgery or aesthetic treatment such as “facial harmonization”.

“I’m away for a few days and Zac Efron has a bad face! Pass the contact of the one who did this to go break his mother, “commented user @justagirluknow on Twitter.

“Diosito, you know that I never ask you for anything, but please make Zac Efron handsome again,” wrote @AndresSerafin_ on the social network. “I’m going to sue the plastic surgeon who did that to Zac Efron,” commented user @Danyween.

From Twitter, hundreds of users shared memes that compared Efron’s face in the video with that of some celebrities who have been victims of malpractice in cosmetic procedures, such as Gabriel Corrado and Ricky Fort, and cartoons such as “the handsome squidward” .

In addition, there were also those who accompanied the photograph of the actor with the memorable phrase from the movie Shrek , in which ‘the donkey’ asks ‘Princess Fiona’: “Prince, what happened to you?”

Zac Efron
Hundreds of users shared memes that compared Efron’s face in the video to some cartoon characters. SCREEN CAPTURE: Twitter / @ lescobarfx

On the other hand, on his official Instagram account, the actor of various comedy films wrote a message to commemorate Earth Day and showed a photograph in which he appears working side by side with “Girringun”, an organization made up of nine tribal groups fighting for the conservation of the environment in Cardwell, Australia.

“It is Earth day. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to travel and see all the amazing things that people are doing for the planet. It is a beautiful world, we are going to protect it ”, wrote the actor,“ learning from ‘Grirringun’ how to manage the land through cultural fires ”.

Zac is currently filming the second season of Down to Earth with Zac Efron , a web documentary series that was launched on Netflix in 2020 and that records the actor’s travels around the world from an environmental and pro-nature perspective. and to find a sustainable lifestyle.

In addition, recently, the actor joined the list of celebrities who embraced the cause #SaveRalph, a campaign promoted by the Humane Society International to ban in vivo experimentation and that, with a short film filmed in stop motion, told the story Ralph, a rabbit victim of animal testing.

Meet Ralph. It has had a difficult life, which is not surprising because it is used to test cosmetics. We are going to work together to help animals like Ralph by signing the Humane Society International petition, ”Zac wrote a couple of weeks ago.

Not only Zac Efron: which actors and singers have surprised with the radical change of his face.


Sylvester Stallone has visible changes on his face (Photo: Abi Schmidt / Archive)

The iconic interpreter of “Rocky Balboa” is one of the celebrities who presents the clearest changes in his face, for which it is possible that there have been interventions for browlift and botox injection. It is worth mentioning that the actor has a facial paralysis problem caused at birth


In 2020 there was speculation about aesthetic interventions on the singer due to a clear facial rejuvenation (Photo: Twitter / @ Yngridmendoza11 @fcontreraso)

In the national context, Alejandro Fernández is one of the celebrities who is most speculated to have undergone an aesthetic intervention due to the visible changes in his face . Last February 2020, Instagram users criticized “El Potrillo” in a promotional video of his tour “Made in Mexico”, this for the alleged facial changes of the singer


The before and after “The King of Pop”, where the singer’s clear physical differences are appreciated (Photo: Twitter / @ corteo19 @iBarbarellah)

The “King of Pop” not only left his mark on the world of music but also popularized multiple scandals and controversies, one of the most remembered being the multiple changes he had in his physical appearance. From his skin tone to his intervened nose, the number of transformations the singer underwent left him unrecognizable compared to his early years in the industry.


The before and after of actor and boxer Mickey Rourke (Photo: Twitter / @ Ranmoor6 @vroteberde)

For many years now, Mickey Rourke’s physical appearance has been a far cry from what it once was when he was a Hollywood heartthrob in the 1980s. The actor and boxer, famous for films like El luchador (2008), suffered some injuries in the ring and has undergone multiple cosmetic surgeries that are clear in his current photographs.


Although the actor has not confirmed it publicly, he has multiple changes in his face compared to before (Photo: Twitter / @ValeriaFrnn @fcojcalderon)

The actor who rose to international fame with the unforgettable musical Vaselina (1978), currently has a physical appearance that is far from his time of greatest success, due to a whiter skin and features of his face that show him more expressionless compared to before .

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