Jalisco Actor Luis Miguel López López Died

The actor and teacher Luis Miguel López López, died this morning of pancreatic cancer that had kept him bedridden for several months, announced Efraín Franco, a colleague and theater director with whom he carried out multiple projects throughout his life. such as book compilations and montages.

In addition to mourning his death, Franco recalled that during his tenure as president of the State Council for Culture and the Arts of Jalisco (CECA) in 2018, he presented the Theatrical Merit Award within the framework of World Theater Day to Rosa Elena Arellano Montoya, Daniel Constantini Castillo, Luis Miguel López López, Eduardo Villalpando Macías and Francisco Rodríguez Mariscal, for their career and cultural contribution.

“The last thing we were working on was the works Conjuros and Aquila Sapiens. The last project we had started working on was the compilation of monologues about Don Quixote, we had already invited Felipe Garrido and Dante Medina. Some books in which we work as compilers were Impudic voices, political vices, and public confessions, published by Escenología. To risk your life, Contemporary Italian Dramaturgy, which are 18 monologues by Italian authors, a bilingual Italian-Spanish edition, La parola e il grido , a compilation of monologues by Mexican authors in a bilingual Italian-Spanish edition and also published the book La carreta theatrical, with works and adaptations of his authorship ”, he said.

Franco recalled that Luis López López, collaborated in more than thirty films, began in the Consuelo Pruneda theater group and later studied at the Andrés Soler Theater School in Mexico City, “the most likely thing is that they will bury him in Palo Alto, near Cocula, Jalisco ”.

“It fills me with surprise, I feel very sad, tragic, and sudden news. What a shame that at this time we have to recognize what Luis Miguel in a personal capacity began to do for the Jalisco Theater, promoting work and productions, he was looking for a way to be within the dynamics of the theater, I feel very happy to have been his friend and very sad to be his friend ”commented the playwright Hugo Salcedo when he heard the news and added: The monologue“ Confessions for an erotic telephone operator, I wrote it at the request of Luis Miguel thinking about the book Impudic voices, political vices and confessions Public , edited by Escenología. When I lived in Tijuana he visited me, and since I moved to Mexico City, we have met a couple of times “.

The director of Teatro Moisés Orozco, upon hearing the news, commented: “I’m very sorry. Luis always supported the theater, I directed a montage that he produced: Confessions of an erotic telephone operator. I am shocked, from the point of view of the theater it can do a lot to us because few people can produce and expose their time and money. As a lifelong friend, I met him in Consuelo Pruneda’s group, where we saw him, we greeted him very well, he came to come, I am shocked and sad. and now we coincide a couple of times ”.


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