Zac Efron participated in a virtual event for Earth Day and surprised everyone with his appearance. Check out the photos and the reactions of their fans! 

Zac Efron is among the most popular actors in the world and uses his outreach skills to compete with causes he believes to be just. He is a strong defender of environmental rights and a nature conservationist, which is why he participated this Friday in a virtual event with great celebrities for Earth Day. However, his appearance was not only highlighted by the important message he left: the appearance of his face surprised everyone and provoked both reactions and memes. Sight!

The 33-year-old actor was summoned to be part of Earth Day! The Musical – A Facebook Wach special hosted by famous science popularizer  Bill Nye. In addition to the High School Musical performer, there were stars like Maluma, Justin Bieber, Charli D’Amelio, Dixie D’Amelio, and Steve Aoki.

“A great musical show? Bill, I knew you were smart, but you are a genius,” Efron said in his only appearance to join the initiative that brought together artists to sing for planet Earth. His participation is one more example of the commitment he has to the environment that even led him to make a documentary series. 

Down to Earth with Zac Efron is a docuseries that premiered in 2020 on Netflix and has eight episodes that revolve around the actor and his travels through places such as  France, Puerto Rico, England, Iceland, Costa Rica, Peru, and Sardinia. The idea of ​​the program is to promote nature, green energy, and sustainable living practices.

Zac Efron reappeared on camera and surprised with his new face

Although Efron’s intention to join Earth Day 2021 was to talk about the environment, one detail strongly attracted attention among his fans and went viral: the appearance of his face. The Hollywood star came out on camera and his followers (he has only 45.3 million on Instagram) noticed that his face had been retouched. The situation generated reactions and memes from fans.

Memes and reactions on Zac Efron’s face

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