Chabelo Becomes A Trend Again After The Death Of Carmen Salinas

Chabelo is once again a trend in social networks after the death of Carmen Salinas.

Carmen Salinas On Thursday, December 9, the actress’s relatives confirmed the death of Carmen Salinas and social media users make Chabelo viral due to her life history.

The actress and producer recognized for the theatrical work Aventurera and her career in the world of soap operas, Carmen Salinas, died at the age of 82 , after being urgently admitted to a hospital in Mexico.

Salinas’s relatives issued a statement in which they thanked all the messages of support, expressions of affection and respect for the family.

After the death of the actress, the actor Xavier López, better known for his character of “Chabelo”, became a trend in social networks, since for several years it has been said that the also producer seemed immortal.

Given this, users have published various memes and affirm that Chabelo is still in the competition, so much so that there is a Twitter account called “Chabelo lived longer than.”

The unpublished photo of Carmen Salinas and Chabelo

A photograph of Chabelo and Carmen Salinas has also become viral, because it is an image that shows the actors in their youth, while they are both on top of a motorcycle and as they announced it is a scene from the work Don Juan Tenorio .

On March 19, the actress published the controversial photograph on her Twitter account accompanied by a message: “Look when DON JUAN TENORIO did with the Great Actor Chabelo, we went out on a motorcycle apart from the dialogues we had, which the public Alegría loved # what memories !!! CS ”

This is not the first time that the actor has been a trend on social networks. Given the death of several actors such as Enrique Rocha, Octavio Ocaña, among others, users have chosen to spread memes of the “immortality of Chabelo.”

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