Chabelo Becomes A Trend Again After The Death Of Carmen Salinas


Chabelo is once again a trend in social networks after the death of Carmen Salinas. Carmen Salinas On Thursday, December 9, the actress’s relatives confirmed the death of Carmen Salinas and social media users make Chabelo viral due to her life history. The actress and producer recognized for the theatrical work Aventurera and her career in the … Read more

Carmen Salinas Net Worth At The Time Of Her Death

Carmen Salinas Net Worth

Carmen Salinas’s net worth: Carmen Salinas Lozano is a Mexican actress, impressionist, politician, comedian, and theatre entrepreneur. Carmen Salinas’s net worth is estimated to be around $25 million.  Name Carmen Salinas Occupation Actor, politician, comedian, and theatre entrepreneur Age 82 years Date Of Birth October 5, 1939 Children Pedro Plascencia, María Eugenia Plascencia Nationality Mexican … Read more

Carmen Salinas Is Still Serious And They Expect A Miracle: Everything That Is Known About Her Health

Carmen Salinas condition is critical,

Relatives of the actress affirm that her condition is critical, inoperable, and with few signs of improvement. The life of the Mexican actress Carmen Salinas hangs by a thread. In the early morning of November 11, she was rushed to a hospital in Mexico City after suffering a stroke. The actress’s granddaughter reported that Carmen … Read more

Carmen Salinas Is No Longer Going To Wake Up From A Coma

Carmen Salinas In Coma

The godson of Carmen Salinas, Jorge Nieto, announced that according to information from neurologists, the spill caused irreversible damage Mexico.- Carmen Salinas, actress and former deputy, is no longer going to wake up from a coma, after suffering a stroke, according to the words of her godson, Jorge Nieto. You might be interested (VIDEO) If … Read more

Carmen Salinas Is Dead Or Alive? Rumors About The Death Of The Actress

Carmen Salinas Is Still Alive

María Eugenia Plascencia, daughter of Carmen Salinas, bothered by rumors about the death of the actress: “it’s very stupid” Daughter of Carmen Salinas bothered by rumors about the death of the actress : “it’s very stupid.” In an interview, María Eugenia Plascencia asked not to spread false news about her mother’s state of health. Update … Read more

Carmen Salinas Distributes Her Inheritance While She Is Alive

Carmen Salinas Inheritance

Although he has not died, despite several rumors that occurred last night, today a video has been uncovered in which Carmen Salinas, producer and actress of ‘Aventurera’, reveals that her will is already made and her inheritance distributed. She did this with the objective that there is no conflict between her relatives at the time … Read more

Carmen Salinas’s Brother, Sergio Salinas Lozano, Dies

Sergio Salinas Lozano Dies

The actress Carmen Salinas mourned the death of her brother, Sergio Salinas, who lost the battle against cancer. The actress Carmen Salinas used social networks to reveal that her brother, Sergio Salinas, died on Sunday, March 14 due to complications derived from cancer he suffered. With an emotional message shared on Instagram, the also theatrical businesswoman expressed with regret … Read more