Ishan Goyal Net Worth (2022), Income, Cars, Girlfriend, Facts

Ishan Goyal is an Indian Youtuber. He is famously called the King of vlogging. Ishan Goyal Net Worth in 2022 is 5 crore Indian rupee, making $666,689. His youtube channel is the fastest growing Youtube channel in India. Ishan’s videos are beautifully edited; this quality attracts many users, including Facttechz users.

However, he gained 100k subscribers just in a month, shocking right. To learn about his tricks and trips for vlogging, continue reading this. You can also find about your favorite Ishan Goyal’s net worth, monthly income, annual income, wife, children, girlfriend, siblings, parents, cars, houses, luxuries, and much more.

Full name Ishan Goyal
Nick mane Ishan
Date of birth 17 February 1997
Favorite Youtuber Yohani
Youtube Debut November 24, 2020
Net Worth 5 crore
Residence Delhi, India
Age 24
Profession Youtuber, Business owner
Education Business administration and Computer science
Wife Weronika
University IP university Delhi


Ishan Goyal is a Hodophile, a person who loves traveling. Ishan had been traveling from the age of 20. He had traveled to 30 countries before starting his youtube channel. Goyal’s first upload on youtube was his vlog named “Undiscovered Europe.” His first uploaded video appeared on November 24, 2020.

Physical Appearance of Ishan Goyal

Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Height 5 feet 7 inches,
1.7 Meter
Tatto yes
Weight 82 kg approx
Finger ring yes
Eyeglasses No

Initial Career:

Goyal did not have such a planned career; we do not know if vlogging was pre-planned or happened accidentally. Goyal has his own youtube channel. Goyal has 540k subscribers with 99 videos on his channel. However, at first, Goyal did not pursue his career as a full-time YouTuber; he managed his studies and content creation side by side.

Ishan also has his website; it’s a travel blog. Goyal frequently updates people about his experiences in different countries, their hospitality, special food, museums, favorite spots, lifestyle, and much more. His recent upload includes “Travel Istanbul on a budget.” It looks like a static website; Goyal also has a section where he posts his youtube videos on his website. The website also facilitates the subscription of the newsletter. We have attached the link for your convenience.

Goyal decided to leave his native country India; moreover, the new bee moved to Europe to pursue his passion for traveling; he traveled the whole of Europe. Goyal broke his record. He traveled 35 cities in 1 year; yes, you read it right, freaking crazy! It sounds like a dream.

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Ishan Goyal Net Worth:

The Indian King of vlogging Ishan Goyal’s net worth is much more than expected. The Indian vlogger Ishan Goyal Net Worth 2022 is 5 crore Indian rupee, which makes $666,689, deprived of his vlogging youtube channel. Ishan Goyal’s only source of income is Youtube, as he is a full-time Vlogger. Ishan Goyal’s monthly and annual income ranges. Differently, Ishan Goyal’s monthly income might be $10k in a month. Moreover, Ishan Goyal’s annual income might be $1 Million.

How much Ishan Goyal makes in a monthly income?

Ishan Goyal is a full-time vlogger; his channel is one of the best-rated channels on Youtube. Ishan Goyal travels the world along with his wife. Ishan Goyal’s monthly income might be more than $10k.

How much Ishan Goyal makes in a year’s income?

One of the most frequently asked questions is Ishan Goyal’s annual income. But, unfortunately, we have no clue about his yearly income. It gets complicated for us to find out the figure, especially when there is no income statement digitally available. But according to our research, Ishan Goyal might be making $1 Million in a year through his traveling vlogs.

How much is Ishan Goyal charge for brand promotion?

Youtube is not his only source of income. He also makes money through brand promotion and PR. People also frequently search for his PR rates. We have no clue about the agency he is linked to, nor do we know his charges for brand promotions. But looking at his rapidly growing popularity in this field its sounds like he might be charging an arm leg for brand promotion.

Here are Ishan Goyal Income and Net Worth Details:

Net worth Rs.5 crore
Source of income Youtube Ads, Sponsorship, Brand Deal, Business
Affiliate income Yes
Income from Business Rs.2 lakh
Income from super chat Rs.10-500 per chat

Some Lesser Known Facts About Ishan Goyal

Actor Salman Khan
Actress Kriti Sanon
Singer Jubin Nautiyal
Holiday Destination Dubai
Car Sports car-Ferrari, Lamborghini

Social Media Account

Facebook ishangoyaltravel
Twitter N/A
Instagram ishangoyaltravel

Travel Journey:

Ishan Goyal’s travel journey sounds like a dream to many of us, especially people passionate about traveling. Goyal is now a full-time content creator. He started traveling when he was just 20 years old; probably the twenty years old was in college. Goyal’s recent trip was to Dubai; Dubai recently has EXPO 2020; his travels include Dubai, Europe, Turkey, the Maldives, and many other beautiful countries. He visited Dubai and his wife; the two were seen doing fun together. Goyal also drove his dream cars.

Ishan Goyal Girlfriend
Ishan Goyal Girlfriend /Photo

Famous Ishan Goyal and Weronika’s love story:

Many websites titles Ishan Goyal and Weronika’s love story as a Bollywood love story. Ishan and Weronika’s love story is like a Hindi film. The love birds meet each other through friends of a friend. Ishan went to Polland for his internship with his four friends; he befriended a woman named Basha; Basha was Weronika’s best friend. Basha introduced Ishan to Weronika.

The two met on Weronika’s birthday; they traveled to Budapest by bus. Ishan bought a birthday cake for her. Weronika loved the surprise she was blown away by looking at his gentlemen’s gestures. This is how the love bloomed, and the two started dating each other.

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