California Fire: What is a Fire Tornado and how dangerous can it be?

As if that were not enough with the coronavirus pandemic, a fiery tornado was recorded on Saturday near a fire in the state of California.

2020 continues to bring many surprises. A year that surely many people want to erase from their minds. From giant wasps, anti-racism marches, locust rain, explosions, and more, now a strange tornado of fire is added.

A strange natural phenomenon never seen before was registered in California on Saturday. It is a fiery tornado and it was seen while a fire occurred in the aforementioned state.

The Office of the National Weather Service issued a tornado warning for a pyrocumulonimbus cloud that formed from the Loyalton fire, saying it was “capable of producing a fire-induced tornado and exit winds greater than 60 mph,” said the CNN meteorologist Haley Brink.

What is a Fire Tornado?

A fire whirl or tornado of fire is a strange phenomenon that is covered with rotating flames that rotate at an intense speed; They are composed of an incendiary core, rotating air that incorporates oxygen, and a combustible gas that continuously feeds the incineration.

“A pyrocumulonimbus cloud forms above the intense heat surge, usually from a fire or volcano. Fire tornadoes are created when rising heat from a fire draws smoke, fire, and earth, creating a rotating vortex over the fire “explained CNN’s Brink.

In 2018, another fiery tornado struck California that killed at least 6 people. That year, a wildfire covered thousands of acres northwest of the city of Redding; as the fires spread.

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