Camilo Blanes, Son Of Camilo Sesto, Urgently Admitted To A Hospital

Camilo Blanes In Hospital

Camilo Blanes remains stable, waiting to know more information about its evolution in the coming days Again, the health of Camilo Sesto’s son, who is admitted to a Madrid hospital, is of concern again, according to the digital edition of ‘Semana’. Camilo Blanes Ornelas is not living his best moment and we will have to … Read more

Sofía Aragón Was Hospitalized In An Emergency Due To Pneumonia

Sofía Aragón in hospital

The former beauty queen Sofía Aragón remains hospitalized in a clinic after presenting a picture of pneumonia. Sofía Aragón alarmed her followers on social networks when it was confirmed that she had to be hospitalized in an emergency due to a picture of pneumonia. Through her official Instagram profile, the former beauty queen announced that … Read more

Vicente Fernández Was Hospitalized And Operated On An Emergency Due To A Fall

Vicente Fernández hospitalized

The interpreter was walking into his room when he tripped and fell, injuring his neck A month after setting the alarms for a urinary infection, Vicente Fernández was admitted to emergency this weekend after suffering a fall that seriously damaged his cervicals, for which he had to undergo an operation. Yesterday, Vicente Fernández Jr. was questioned outside the hospital … Read more

Karol Sevilla Was Hospitalized And Thanked Her Fans For The Support She Received

Karol Sevilla Was Hospitalized

The singer was promoting her new single “Nadie Te Entiende” Karol Sevilla is admitted to a clinic after she was diagnosed with tonsillitis and her health was affected by the disease. The singer shared through her social networks the support of her followers. According to the Todo Para la Mujer program, the actress who starred in the series Soy Luna suffers from this … Read more

Vicente Fernández Was Hospitalized In An Emergency In Mexico

Vicente Fernández Hospitalized

The 81-year-old singer presented fever, body pain, and stomach upset, for which he was hospitalized in an emergency in Guadalajara The musician rancher Vicente Fernández, was hospitalized in an emergency this Wednesday in Guadalajara due to a possible infection in the urinary tract, reported his son Gerardo Fernández. In a brief interview with the media, the son … Read more

Exatlón México: Steph Gómez Was Hospitalized For COVID-19

Steph Gómez Hospitalized

The athlete’s family members requested support to cover medical expenses as she is in serious condition Stephania Gómez Vargas is the full name of this former participant, who is currently receiving medical attention at the Puebla Hospital because she is infected with COVID-19. According to her relatives, the Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner was hospitalized on Wednesday, May 26, however, the accounts that share program updates … Read more

Miguel Palmer Is Hospitalized In A Delicate Condition

Miguel Palmer Is Hospitalized

Valeria Palmer, daughter of actor Miguel Palmer, confirmed that her father is hospitalized in a delicate condition after being found in terrible conditions The critical health situation that actor Miguel Palmer has been going through has surprised all of Mexico, after blood donors were requested for the 78-year-old artist who has been hospitalized since last April 2. Recently, … Read more

Camila Sodi Was Hospitalized In An Emergency

Camila Sodi Hospitalized

The actress explained that her health has improved in the last few hours and she should continue with a soft diet Camila Sodi lived a difficult night after being hospitalized for an emergency intestinal infection and although her health improved in the last hours, her testimony on social networks worried more than one of her followers. The actress, … Read more

Actor Eduardo Manzano Is Hospitalized For A Biliary Infection

Eduardo Manzano Is Hospitalized

The 82-year-old actor Eduardo Manzano , who is part of the cast of the comedy program ‘Una Familia de Diez’ , was hospitalized in an emergency because of a biliary infection, without his life being at risk. The news about his hospitalization was released by Susana Parra de Manzano, his wife, who assured that he is progressing favorably. “Eduardo Manzano was … Read more

Actor Tomás Goros Hospitalized For COVID-19

Tomás Goros In Hospital

So far neither he nor his family have given any statements about his health. The 62-year-old actor, Tomás Goros, would have been hospitalized after being identified as a possible carrier of COVID-19. The incident, according to reports, occurred during the night of April 20 and until now the actor’s state of health is unknown. The report was made by the reporter Víctor … Read more