The celebrity received thousands of compliments for how beautiful she looks and for her confidence and security.

Rebel Wilson has surprised once again in networks with a striking look, with which she shows her slim figure and shows off her curves.

The famous celebrity shared from her Instagram account some images in which she wore a spectacular dress.

Rebel Wilson Lose Weight
Rebel Wilson

The protagonist of Pitch Perfect wore a low-cut yellow dress, with loose sleeves, and a belt that allowed her to show off her new stylized figure to perfection.

In addition, she wore a very elegant hairstyle, a high ponytail with fringes that allowed her to refine her face even more, and impeccable makeup.

“OMG how beautiful”, “you are divine you are an example”, “you are the hottest day of the year”, “I love this girl, you are the sun that shines the brightest”, “you look fantastic and beautiful you really inspire us”, “no You only look beautiful, but safe and confident, you inspire me “and” how sexy “were some of the reactions on the networks.

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss
Rebel Wilson Weight Loss

The actress has shown off the results of her diet, training, and discipline in recent months, where she has lost more than 25 kilos, inspiring many women.

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss
Rebel Wilson Shows Her Slim Figure And Shows Off Her Curves

She has even shown off her new figure in a bathing suit, and her beauty and confidence have won all the praise from her followers.

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