Six other participants were suspended for three days. Among them, the representative of Puerto Rico, Eric Alejandro

Following the letter the strict rules in the program ” Exatlón, during yesterday’s episode, which was eliminated and which closed the 11th week of the competition, the dismissal and suspension of several athletes were announced.

” As you can see, there are athletes, both from the celebrity team and the contender team, who are not there today, ” said Frederik Oldenburg, host of the show at the beginning of the episode. ” To protect the integrity of the competition, there are strict rules that must be followed, some of the athletes have not followed those rules and have been suspended for three days .”

In the team of the Famous, the participants Nathalia Sánchez , the Puerto Rican Eric Alejandro, and Norma Palafox were suspended. While in the team of the contenders, those suspended were Rafael SorianoAna Parra, and Octavio González .

“ On the other hand, Frank Beltré from the Celebrity team, and Denisse Novoa , from the Contestants team, will no longer be in the competition. We must continue and complete what we came to do today, elimination Sunday ”. The program did not specify the reasons why the participants had been suspended and fired from the program, but according to what has transpired, it is because these people were found with substances and cell phones, which is against the rules of the program…

In the same program, the moment was used to introduce the kinesiologist Horacio Gutiérrez , who will replace César Castro in the competition, who injured one of his shoulders in the recording of the program last Friday.

“Exatlón” can be seen on Telemundo Puerto Rico, Monday through Friday at 10:30 pm (Tuesdays at 11:30 pm), Saturdays at 3:00 pm, and Sundays at 8:30 pm

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  1. Since we are the ones that watch your show and because of us you have great ratings, why can’t you announce in the beginning of the program what really happened to the people that were suspended. Can you answer this for me? I had sent an email and I am still waiting for a response of why does the one who announces the show always is in favor of the blue team and gives them more credit?

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