How Did The Exatlón USA Athletes Survive Hurricane Fiona?

Exatlón USA Hurricane Fiona

The athletes of Exatlón Estados Unidos: Mundial Edition were in full recording when Hurricane Fiona arrived at the sands of the reality show. “We live a nightmare because nobody is used to it and nobody wants to face the force of nature,” Frederik Oldenburg told Lourdes Stephen for Al Rojo Vivo. “That’s what happened to … Read more

Chuy Almada Had A Difficult Health Problem. What Happened To The EXATLON EEUU Athlete


Among the many athletes who have participated in the different seasons of the Exatlon United States competition program, there are several faces that have been recorded among the fans of the Telemundo sports reality show. One of them is Chuy Almada, the Mexican coach who has taken for granted his commitment to the Exatlon United … Read more

Which Athlete Refused To Participate In Exatlon USA?

Aranza Vázquez

The Telemundo network’s competition program, Exatlon United States, has an important detail that makes the idea of ​​participating in it much more attractive; Not only is it lifting the coveted trophy or receiving the cash prize, it is also achieving fame, recognition, and the followers that accompany the protagonists of this sports reality show on … Read more

Contestants In EXATLON USA: Who Would Be Injured


It is definitive, the fifth season of the competition program, Exatlon United States, has been one full of unexpected situations, numerous injuries, reinforcements from other seasons, even a significant number of athletes suspended and expelled for breaking the strict rules of the program. After the fourth edition, we thought that this would be calm, but nothing … Read more

Exatlón México Vs Exatlón USA: Which Members Will Return For The Special Program

Exatlón México Vs Exatlón USA

According to leaks, the names of the Mexican athletes who will participate in the broadcast that will face contenders from both editions were confirmed Prior to the premiere of the fifth season of Exatlón México, information has been leaked about a competition that could end the wait for fans of the sports reality show. It is a special … Read more

Denisse Novoa Left On A Trip. Did She Return To EXATLON USA?

Denisse Novoa LIVE

Since the famous “Pantera” Denisse Novoa was expelled from the fifth season of the Exatlon United States competition program for a breach of contract, rumors and controversies have not stopped turning around who was one of the most beloved participants and recognized names of the so-called “Fiercest Competition on the Planet”, which is broadcast from Monday to Friday … Read more

Exatlón USA: Who is Ana Parra, Athlete Of Exatlón Estados Unidos 2021

Ana Parra Exatlón

Ana Parra, who is Colombian, is one of the new athletes participating in Exatlón Estados Unidos 2021, a reality show on Telemundo. She is a member of the Contestants team, represented by the color blue. In social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, the team is usually supported with the hashtag #TeamContendientes and #ExatlonEEUU. On Sunday, April … Read more

Exatlón USA: Norma Palafox Reveals Reason For Her Suspension

Norma Palafox Exatlón

The soccer player broke the silence to clear any rumors after being one of the six athletes who were suspended in the reality show the Exatlón United States Norma Palafox was one of the athletes suspended by the reality shows the Exatlón United States a couple of days ago. The Mexican soccer player was involved in the … Read more