Néstor Lópe’s Mother Dies From COVID-19

Paraguayan singer Néstor López is in mourning. His mother died as a result of COVID-19.

The vocalist of the Paraguayan band ‘Néstor Lo y los Caminantes’ is going through a difficult moment, with the departure of his mother, Doña Liza.

From the official profiles on social networks of the group, they announced the sad news.

“It is with deep pain that we report that Aunt Liza, Néstor López’s mother, passed away after an arduous fight against Covid. We hope that somewhere, he can meet the embrace of our dear Mama ”.

The group appreciated the empathy and displays of affection. He also extended his encouragement to all the sick and their families. “Thank you all for your displays of support and affection. Strength for all the people who are also going through a similar situation ”.

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