The Mexican soccer player has been suspended from the program and everything indicates that she would be one of those involved in the scandal for drug possession

Exatlón Estados Unidos remains in the midst of the drug possession scandal that has made so much noise in recent weeks. Several athletes would be involved in this serious problem, of which there are already consequences. One of those involved would be neither more nor less than Norma Palafox, a Mexican soccer player, and reality star.

A few weeks ago, the news was known that two athletes were suspended and then expelled from Exatlón Estados Unidos after being found, among their belongings, drugs, and cell phones. Those involved were Denisse Novoa , from the Contendientes team, and Frank Beltre , from the Famosos.

Both Denisse and Frank were found with marijuana and up to four cell phones. Some information also indicates that money was found among his belongings. This led the production of the show to take action on the matter and decide to expel them from reality.

The latest information also points to some involvement on the part of Exatlón’s own production. According to Keyla, La Reyna de Los Spoilers, it was discovered that some members of the production staff helped these two athletes pack drugs and cell phones. Other athletes would also be involved, whose names would be those announced in the last edition of Exatlon, and who has been suspended.

Norma Palafox, suspended

The Sunday, April 11 edition began with the news of the expulsions of Denisse Novoa and Frank Beltre, as well as the suspensions of up to six other athletes, among them, Norma Palafox.

As explained by the driver Frederik Oldenburg , “to protect integrity there are strict rules that must be followed and some of the athletes have not followed those rules”, for which they have received sanctions.

Novoa and Beltre, the defendants for possession of drugs and cell phones, were expelled and will not return to the Exatlon competition. Meanwhile, Norma Palafox , Eric Alejandro and Nathalia Sánchez were suspended for three days by the Famosos, and Octavio González , Ana Parra and Rafael Soriano by the Contendientes.

At the moment, none of the participants has expressed themselves so far about these facts of public knowledge.

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