Denisse Novoa Confesses How She Feels About Norma Palafox

Denisse Novoa EXATLON 5 USA

In the last days of the fifth season of EXATLON United States, the eyes of lovers of the popular Telemundo show are on everything that happens in the Dominican Republic. And while any of the Reds and Blues finalists who made it to this point in the so-called “fiercest competition on the planet” can win, … Read more

EXATLON 5 USA: Elimination Wednesday Who Left The Competition?


Ready for the grand finale. As the days go by, the fifth season of the reality of the sport Exatlon United States Something that the present delivery of Exatlon United States has gotten us used to is to expect the unexpected, it is for this reason that on Wednesday, August 4, when the presenter Frederik Oldenburg, … Read more

EXATLON 5 USA: How Much Money Have Athletes Accumulated?


Throughout the fifth season of Exatlon USA, we have seen many difficult moments, numerous injuries, unprecedented situations, athletes suspended, sent off, but at the same time, heart attack competitions and a historic list of awards that total more than one million dollars. In short, there are many reasons that will make the present installment of … Read more

Exatlón: Olimpia Villalobos Said, Who Harassed Her?

Olimpia Villalobos Harassed

Olimpia Villalobos said that one of the people who harassed her was producer Cisco Suárez In the eye of the hurricane. The Exatlón Estados Unidos is involved in a new quite controversial and disappointing issue, as one of its former participants said she had been a victim of harassment and is already preparing a lawsuit against … Read more

Exatlón United States: Which Former Participant Could Sue And why

Frank Beltré Exatlón

The news came amid multiple scandals that have starred in the Telemundo version of this sports show Despite the fact that the fourth season of Exatlón México came to an end last Sunday, April 4, the famous program still continues to give something to talk about. This time it is in its version of Telemundo because an athlete who participated … Read more

Exatlon: Viviana Michel Wins Luxury Truck In Exatlón EU

Viviana Michel

Former América Femenil player, Viviana Michel, got five points in the Exatlón Estados Unidos tests, and won a luxury truck. United States.- In recent days, the ex-footballer of America Femenil, Viviana Michel turned out to be the winner of a truck, after passing various tests. In statements to Exatlón Estados Unidos, the soccer player thanked … Read more

Exatlón 5 USA: When Does Norma Palafox Return To “Exatlón”

Norma Palafox Exatlón

The Mexican athlete was temporarily suspended, along with other participants of the reality show, for allegedly having violated the rules of the competition Mexican soccer player Norma Palafox was expelled and suspended from Exatlón Estados Unidos last Sunday, along with other competitors, after breaking the “strict rules” that must be followed within the competition, according to what was … Read more

Exatlón Estados Unidos: This Was The Debut Of Rodrigo Romeh

Rodrigo Romeh

During his first circuit, he faced Jimmy Vélez of the team of contenders who, like Rodrigo, joined the fourth season of Exatlón United States Although just a few days ago we met the champions of the fourth season of Extalón México, the American edition of this reality show has only a few weeks since its fourth … Read more