Seventh week of competitions in the Exatlon United States with countless injuries in the athletes of both teams. One that has attracted attention, since we have already seen it out of circulation for days, is that of “The Tampa Machine”, Mack Roesch. The “Champion of Obstacles suffered a hard blow to the shoulder during a circuit that not only has kept him without competing but has also generated a whole wave of rumors within the competition of the Telemundo network, about his future permanence within the fifth season.

Many fan profiles have provided information on Mack’s future, assuring that he would not continue in the competition as the injury is very strong and will require too much rehabilitation time to guarantee his return in optimal condition. On-screen, Mack has been seen in low spirits, from the stands supporting his teammates and providing his knowledge regarding each circuit, in fact, on the day of March 3, Roesch told Frederik Oldenburg that yes Although right now he was injured, that did not prevent him from exercising his responsibility within the team, and providing help to all the teammates who need it.

Many Rumors …

Faced with so many spoilers revealed on social networks by different profiles, which are almost always accurate, Mack’s injury was not known much beyond a photo where he was seen in a hospital bed, which later turned out to be old, from when he participated in the second season of Exatlon United States.

Unlike Denisse Novoa, from Team Contendientes, Mack Roesch has been seen in the competition, but without participation, which aroused the curiosity of the followers of the program, who came to assure that he would most likely not continue, as happened with Andrea Nerio, a former participant of the blue team, his rest time could exceed that stipulated by the production of the program, and that would go against his permanence in the so-called “fiercest competition on the planet”. 

Will Mack Roesch remain in the competition?

Now these portals that reported Mack Roesch’s injury a few days ago, today, in last-minute information, assured that the followers of the so-called “Tampa Machine” can rest assured because apparently Roesch will be given the necessary time so that he can recover and eventually return to give everything in the circuits of the Dominican Republic. 

It would have happened before

Let us remember that in the fourth season of Exatlon United States, it was precisely the winner of the season, and also a gringo, Nate Burkhalter, who had two severe injuries that kept him unable to compete for several weeks, only to come back stronger and triumph in the grand finale of a particular and very different season, even affected by COVID-19.

Injuries in the fifth season to date are six athletes, and more replacements are expected to join the competition in the coming days.

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