Adamari López: Watch The Second Episode Of “La Suerte De Ada” [VIDEO]

The acting skills of Adamari López once again surprised the Spanish-speaking audience with the transmission of the second episode of “La Suerte de Ada” during the broadcast of this Thursday, March 4, the morning show “Hoy Día” on Telemundo.

The telenovela “La Suerte de Ada,” starring López, is a parody of the romantic comedy “La Suerte de Loli,” which is currently broadcast on Telemundo Monday through Friday at 9:00 PM EST.

Throughout the episodes of “La Suerte de Ada”, the Puerto Rican actress character will have to face endless obstacles that will arise after her arrival at “Global Radio Group”, the important radio station based in California.

During the second episode of her own telenovela, Adamari López received voice-over classes from Matías, who will prepare her to debut with her own radio show on the station. However, the producer will make life square for López so that her arrival at “Global Radio Group” is not as pleasant as possible.

Far from feeling fear of future reprisals against him, López has been more than willing to learn from Matías everything necessary to debut with great success with her own radio show. What will happen in the next episode? We will only discover that on Telemundo soon.

Each new episode of “La Suerte de Ada” is broadcast by “Hoy Día” during broadcasts every Thursday. In case you cannot see it live, you can enjoy the dramatic production on the official channel of the Telemundo television show on YouTube.

Enjoy the second episode of the soap opera “La Suerte de Ada”

Gaby Espino, Amaranta Ruiz, Mika Kubo, Salvador Muñoz, Xavier Rivero, Ricardo Alamo and Jesus Moré are some of the personalities that will be part of the next episodes of “La Suerte de Ada”, an exclusive Telemundo production.

“La Suerte de Ada” is the first Telemundo telenovela to air during another original production of the major Spanish-language television network. “Hoy Día” is the only show that will broadcast each of the episodes.

Users on social networks have been fascinated with the return of Adamari López to telenovelas with her new parody for Telemundo, so they do not rule out seeing her in one of the great melodramas that are scheduled to premiere in the television network’s programming soon.

“It fascinates me, but it’s very short”, “I love how Ada works”, “Excellent, a very good parody”, “I like the soap opera”, were some of the reactions on YouTube platform.

López’s last participation in a telenovela was in “La Fan,” a Telemundo production that premiered in 2017 in the United States. However, the role of the Puerto Rican star was as a guest.

The 49-year-old interpreter is known in the acting industry for being part of the cast of great melodramas such as “Wild Cat” and “Amigas y Rivales,” productions that broke audience records in Latin American countries and the United States.

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