Municipal President Of San Juan Diuxi Dies

Preliminary information has indicated that the death of Marino Martínez was the result of a cardiorespiratory arrest, however, it has not yet been confirmed that it was due to Covid-19

Oaxaca de Juárez.— This Thursday,  Marino Martinez , municipal president of San Juan Diuxi , in the Mixteca of Oaxaca, died.

The senator for Oaxaca and president of the Indigenous Affairs Commission of the Senate, Jorge Toledo Luis, confirmed the death of the mayor, whose news began to spread this Thursday through social networks.

Preliminary information has indicated that Marino Martinez’s death was the result of a cardiorespiratory arrest, however, it has not yet been confirmed that it was due to Covid-19 .

The death of the mayor of San Juan Diuxi is also joined by the recent deaths of the councilor of the Treasury of the Tlalixtac de Cabrera city council, Ramiro Martínez Mendoza, who died on March 2, as well as Delfino Hernández, also a trustee of that municipality, who died the next day; In both, the causes of death have been attributed complications from Covid-19.

In addition, last Sunday Hugo García Ríos, municipal president of San José Tenango, in the Cañada region of Oaxaca died, also due to complications derived from Covid-19.

With the deaths of these two municipalities so far this week, the number of Oaxaca city councilors who have died since the beginning of the pandemic adds up to 21, including Leobardo Ramos Lázaro, from Chahuites, who was murdered in early February. and Simón Urbino Bazán, mayor of San Simón Zahuatlán, who died in a road accident. 

That count includes Juan Cruz Idiaquez, municipal president of San Francisco Sola, who according to his family died of complications from a stroke, and Javier Santiago Ruiz de Reyes Etla, whose family denied that he died from the virus. 

The other 15 councilors have died from Covid-19 or under suspicion of contagion.

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