EXATLON 5 USA: Elimination Wednesday Who Left The Competition?


Ready for the grand finale. As the days go by, the fifth season of the reality of the sport Exatlon United States Something that the present delivery of Exatlon United States has gotten us used to is to expect the unexpected, it is for this reason that on Wednesday, August 4, when the presenter Frederik Oldenburg, … Read more

Exatlón 2021: Who Could Win The Final?

Exatlón 2021

The last competition will be broadcast live This Sunday, April 4 will be held at the end of Exatlón, the reality show of TV Azteca that has emerged as a favorite of the Mexican audience and has maintained a good level rating since its inception in 2017. But not all have It was good news because the endurance and competition program has faced leaks and a large number of injuries among its … Read more

EXATLON 5 USA: Mack Roesch Injured, Will He Continue In The Competition?

Mack Roesch Injured

Seventh week of competitions in the Exatlon United States with countless injuries in the athletes of both teams. One that has attracted attention, since we have already seen it out of circulation for days, is that of “The Tampa Machine”, Mack Roesch. The “Champion of Obstacles suffered a hard blow to the shoulder during a circuit that not … Read more