Japanese Voice Actress Masako Sugaya Dies At 83

Sad news for the anime world, the death of the 83-year-old Japanese voice actress (seiyu) Masako Sugaya, known for playing Remi in the original 1977 anime, the best-known version of the work, was announced. by the Frenchman Hector Malot.

According to the Arts Vision agency report, Masaku Sugaya died on February 25, 2021; However, out of respect for the relatives and the request of the actress herself, the death was not announced until March 3.

The Arts Vision agency reported the death of the actress on Tuesday. According to the statement, Masako Sugaya passed away on February 25 while undergoing medical treatment to treat an unspecified illness.

The causes of death are unknown, it is only mentioned that at the time of death she was under treatment for an unspecified disease; Everything indicates that this condition was the one that ended his life.

Masako Sugaya devoted himself to voice acting beyond ‘Remi’

Although his most recognized role is that of Remi in the homonymous series, Masako Sugaya dedicated much of her life to voice acting and dubbing in Japan, having several prominent roles; although none of the impact as of the anime pointed out.

After its participation of Remi, Masako Sugaya worked in the anime of ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’, ‘Astro Boy’ of 1980, ‘Urusei Yatsura’ in 1981 and ‘Ranma 1/2’ in 1989; her last recorded work was in 1995’s ‘Bakuretsu Hunters’.

After that,  Masako Sugaya would have retired from voice acting, with an age close to 60 years, little is known about what she did in her last 20 years of life; although many fans and media specialists point out that he lived in retirement in a quiet way.

‘ Remi ‘ is considered one of the most important anime worldwide, forming part of a first wave made up of ‘Heidi’, ‘Sandy Bell’ and ‘Candy Candy’ ; Much of her success in her home country is due to the great performance of Masako Suguya.

Rest in peace.

With information from Anime News Network.

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