The narcocorrido singer shared videos on his Instagram account, where he reports that he ate a fish in poor condition that caused the infection

Regional Mexican music singer Alfredo Ríos, better known as “El Komander”, was hospitalized due to a severe stomach infection from eating spoiled fish. This was made known by himself through his social networks.

In an Instagram story , the singer says that he has a small infection, “ not so small, I wanted to record a video today, it couldn’t, but hey, here we are, trying to try to be better, greetings”, he says the singer originally from Culiacán, capital of Sinaloa.

Also, in a video shared by the singer on his Instagram account, he said that he began to feel bad a few days ago , but yesterday it worsened and therefore ended up in the hospital.

He mentioned that he is under observation so that nothing is complicated. “Last week I don’t know, I felt sick, I felt an upset stomach, and I didn’t feel very well,” he says in the video.

El Komander

He relates that he went with his father, and ate a fish that he did not like very well. “I was a little sick to my stomach, on Sunday I made no progress and until today I already came to see the doctor, the doctor did not let me come, and … well, here they have me with this madness of medicine ”, Mentions the singer.

He also explains that he argued with the nurse who attended him because he had warned him that he was going to broadcast on social networks, but that she did not worry, because he was not going to appear in the image, to which the nurse replied that he was fine.

“It’s good that there are social networks because if not then, I would be bored there,” he says in the video.

It also specifies that he is not hospitalized for COVID issues, because, he mentions, he was tested before entering and it came out negative. He concludes the video by saying that they have treated him very well.

Alfredo Ríos, “El Komander”, 37, has 1.3 million followers on his Instagram account, while on his YouTube channel he has 1.25 million subscribers, and on Facebook, he is followed by more than 11 million people.

El Komander
Last year he met with President López Obrador, with whom he took a photograph, in Culiacán, Sinaloa. (Photo: Cuartoscuro / Instagram @ soyelkomander1)
Last year he met with President López Obrador, with whom he took a photograph, in Culiacán, Sinaloa. (Photo: Cuartoscuro / Instagram @ soyelkomander1)

Last August, “El Komander” gave something to talk about, after, after meeting with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who was visiting Culiacán, Sinaloa, they took a picture together.

On that occasion, the narcocorrido singer was with his family when he approached the Mexican president, who agreed to get out of his truck to take a picture with “El Komander” and his children, who he was accompanied by.

“On television to classes … Come, but with a healthy distance,” stressed the chief executive on that occasion, because the COVID-19 pandemic was already active.

In an interview with him, he said that he came with his children, and when they saw him, they went to greet him. “I am arriving, and I had to see him, I was able to approach him and, well, I am happy to greet him,” says Alfredo Ríos in that interview.

El Komander is hospitalized
They were hospitalized because he ate a bad fish, which caused a severe stomach infection. Photo: @ soyelkomander1 / IG – screenshot.

“El Komander” has been in controversy on several occasions due to the violent content in their songs. In 2015 he declared that “I am not the devil, but I am the creator of my own ‘reality show’” , after authorities even banned his shows in various municipalities in various states of Mexico, due to the violence he handles in their compositions.

“El Komander” interpreted the song El MZ, in which he praised the figure of “El Mayo” Zambada , leader of the Sinaloa Cartel and currently a fugitive . “The law wants to stop him / the contras want to kill him / but no one has succeeded / the devil appears to them / and they pass, the years go by / and the MZ ordering,” says part of the lyrics.

In an interview with TvyNovelas magazine, he referred to the issue of narcocorridos and the way he had been attacked for interpreting them:

“I still don’t know how to defend myself, I don’t declare myself very good at that kind of questioning, interviews or press conferences on the issue of corridos; I know perfectly who I am and that the only thing I do is work and make music, I am not guilty because I like the corrido. I grew up listening to those of Antonio Aguilar, I would like to interpret them in the best way and that everyone likes them, there are others who say names, saints and signs and do not say anything to them, I just want to work and bring joy to those who follow me, which is the public; Going to a dance or listening to my songs doesn’t make you a bad person, ”he said on that occasion.

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