Claudia Martín And Andrés Tovar Are Officially Divorced

Claudia Martín Divorced

Both would have signed a confidentiality agreement that would prohibit them from talking about the case publicly, so neither of them has declared about it After the controversy that broke out a few months ago due to Andrés Tovar’s alleged infidelity to Claudia Martín with Maite Perroni and the phone call where the actress extorted money from the producer, it was announced that they … Read more

Maite Perroni Confirms Her Breakup With Koko Stambuk After 7 Years

Maite Perroni Breakup

The couple had been in a relationship for seven and a half years, but Maite Perroni told the reasons why they did not continue their courtship Maite Perroni confirmed that she broke up with Koko Stambuk after seven years of relationship and detailed the reasons why the separation occurred. The actress and RBD member opened … Read more