Claudia Martín And Andrés Tovar Are Officially Divorced

Both would have signed a confidentiality agreement that would prohibit them from talking about the case publicly, so neither of them has declared about it

After the controversy that broke out a few months ago due to Andrés Tovar’s alleged infidelity to Claudia Martín with Maite Perroni and the phone call where the actress extorted money from the producer, it was announced that they have already signed the divorce.

According to TVNotas magazine, the couple would have signed the divorce for approximately 15 days, so they would be officially divorced, but the news had not been released because both agreed to create a confidentiality agreement, which would prevent to testify on the subject.

Previously, the same magazine brought to light the alleged extramarital relationship between Andrés Tovar and Maite Perroni, a rumor that was possibly disclosed by Claudia Martín herself according to audio in which a call could be heard between the ex-spouses.

Koko Stambuk, Maite’s ex-partner, later denied rumors that their relationship had ended due to the former RBD’s affair with the Mexican producer. In an interview for Despierta América, the singer sent the following message to Perroni: “Nothing, be calm. That all are lies from the TV Notes . You don’t have to believe anything, not about Maite, not about mine. It is not true, everything is a lie from TV Notes ”.

In a call revealed by the Hoy program, Claudia Martín implicitly confessed that it was she who leaked the false news to the magazine and asked Andrés Tovar for money to testify and deny the rumor.

“I need you to deny the whole issue that you found messages on my cell phone because it is a lie, ” said Andrés Tovar in the recorded call, to which Claudia replied: “I’m not going to go out and deny anything.” ” Is that true or is it a lie? “Replied the producer,” It’s a lie, but … “,” What does it cost you? “,” I don’t have to do it, “said the actress.

“Your quarrel today is: ‘ I’m your wife, your wife doesn’t have a job and who knows when she’s going to go back to work.’ How are you going to close well so that your wife, today, is calm? That you help me financially ”, affirmed Claudia.

Maite Perroni’s lawyer, Guillermo Pous, affirmed that the actress will file a lawsuit against Claudia for defamation and damage to her public image.

“I begin by clarifying that there is no third party in contention because there never was a relationship of three. Maite, as she clarified a few days or a week ago, was not in any sentimental relationship so she is not absolutely, morally, or ethically impeded from relating to anyone, “said Pous in an interview for Ventaneando.

Pous continued to clarify the situation of the former couple: “On the other hand, Mr. Tovar was no longer in a relationship, regardless of whether he is still married, he was no longer in a sentimental relationship with his current wife, for which this third party never existed. as required by Mrs. Martín ”.

In the podcast Doubts are given away, Maite said that her relationship with Andrés ended on good terms and they have not fallen in love again: “ It was difficult and at the same time he was an adult, he was healthy. It was liberating even if it sounds weird, but yeah, because we were already in different stages, we were already walking to different places and it was difficult to be able to sit down and look into your eyes and say ‘It’s over, right?’ ”.

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