Vivian Vásquez Died: What Happened To Her?

Journalist Vivian Michelle Vásquez, 26, died this Wednesday in a traffic accident near kilometer 53 of the Chimaltenango Bypass.

Provial agents who came to the scene after five in the morning confirmed that the vehicle that the young journalist was driving was embedded in the containment fence. While Vásquez’s body was several meters from the vehicle, in the direction of the capital.

Vásquez’s identity was not confirmed until after the proceedings of the Public Ministry (MP) prosecutors.

So far the causes of the accident are unknown. According to Juan Carlos Aquino, spokesman for Provial, the topography of the place lends itself to motorists speeding up. “It is unknown if someone took her off the road and she lost control, ” he added.

Emotional farewell

Companions of the presenter had to give the tragic news live and realize that it was their colleague

With tears and with a broken voice, her companions spoke of her occurrences, the things she said, and how they will remember her. “See you soon, Vivián,” said his companions.

Vivian Vásquez Accident

Journalist and television presenter

The presenter began her journalistic career in the Diario de Centro América a few years ago and later worked in Siglo 21 and AlDía. She finally came to Telediario 4 years ago, where she had a special space in the presentation of news during several broadcasts.

In a recent interview broadcast on YouTube, Vivian stated that she was passionate about journalism, and especially presenting news, as it was something that amused her every day.

“Of course it amuses me, it is something that I am passionate about, it is something that I enjoy every day, and the excitement of entering the set every day is different,” she said.

In addition,  she was always characterized by doing things well and above all with a good sense of humor.

“Many know me as cheerful, I try to work, do things well but always with a bit of humor, a joke, to laugh, to remember that day with joy and not with sadness,” she said.

The person who reported her death on the morning of August 28 was her partner Diana Alonzo, who mentioned that at first, they did not think Vivian was in the accident:

“A few moments ago we announced about a traffic accident that took place on the inter-American route, the information was beginning to reach this newsroom and little by little more data was being confirmed, confirming news that has deeply impacted us all. the Telediario team confirms the death of our colleague Vivian Michelle Vásquez Morales, 26 ”.

Vivian’s colleague remembered her with a smile, a flirtatious look, and funny anecdotes that she shared with the team: “We say goodbye to our little Vivian, who got up early to come to the studio and give them all the news information,” she mentioned. between tears her companion.

Later, she thanked her partner for her work and the newscast showed some photographs of her collaborator while Diana continued talking about how she built her career in Telediario.

Diana Alonzo mentioned that upon noticing the absence of her partner, they hoped that Vivian Vásquez had simply decided to stay at home resting because they did not imagine that she was the protagonist of the fatal incident they needed to report, which occurred around five o’clock. am.

For its part, the General Directorate of Road Safety and Protection also created an image sending its condolences to the friends and family of the esteemed presenter.

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