Maria Andrejczyk Net Worth: How Rich Is The Athlete Actually In 2022?

Maria Andrejczyk Net Worth

Maria Andrejczyk Net Worth: This is one of the questions that people ask the most about Maria Andrejczyk and although they always end up answering it on other pages with an “I don’t know, you know” or “it depends” if there are some estimates that various web portals mention.

Maria Magdalena Andrejczyk (born 9 March 1996) is a Polish track and field athlete who competes in the javelin throw. As of 2022, Maria Andrejczyk’s net worth is estimated to be around $500k to $1 million USD. Days after winning silver in the javelin throw at Tokyo 2020, Poland’s Maria Andrejczyk won more than 100,000 euros for her medal.

Full NameMaria Magdalena Andrejczyk
Date Of BirthMarch 9, 1996
Professiontrack and field athlete
Age25 years old
Net Worth$500k to $1 Million USD

How much money is an Olympic medal worth?

If you simply look at your material, melting one of gold, the most valuable, it would not even reach 1,000 euros. However, such metal has a value that goes beyond the material. It is the maximum for any athlete, although the Polish Maria Andrejczyk, silver in Tokyo 2020 in javelin throw, has shown that there are more important things in life than any prize.

At 25, this javelin thrower just a few days ago achieved her greatest sporting achievement. With a throw of 64.61 meters, she managed to climb to the second-highest box of the Olympic Games. The Olympic silver was hung, but for her, she had better plans than to hang it in her living room as a memento of her success. She wanted to use her feat to save the life of an eight-month-old baby.

“The real value of a medal always remains in the heart. A medal is only an object, but it can be of great value to others. This silver medal can save lives instead of accumulating dust in a closet,” said the athlete in an interview.

The name of the other protagonist of this story is  Milos Malysa. It is about a child who does not reach one year of age and who has a malformation of the heart that has to be treated at the Stanford University hospital. The family could not afford the expenses of this very expensive operation and Andrejczyk carried out a solidarity auction by putting up for sale the medal that accredited him as Olympic runner-up.

The Polish athlete’s gesture moved her entire country and the figure that reached the highest bid exceeded 100,000 euros. The winner was one of the most important supermarket chains in Poland, Zabka Polska, which has more than 7,000 stores and has as an investor a fund that is now fashionable in Spain due to its agreement with LaLiga, CVC Capital Partners.

Andrejczyk was left with a surprise. The supermarket chain that won the auction decided to return the medal to the pitcher. “We were very touched by the gesture of our Olympian, so we decided to support the fundraiser for Milos, but we also decided that the silver would stay with Maria,” Zabka Polska said in a tweet.

The Andrejczyk auction did not fully meet the goal set by the family, which needed to raise around 300,000 euros. Through Facebook, the Olympic pitcher was following the process, which ended up being completed thanks to the donations already collected by parents, also Polish, who had lost their son due to the same illness as little Milos.

Maria Andrejczyk has earned the love of the sport. Behind her back, she also has a history of overcoming, since she is a survivor of bone cancer that was diagnosed in 2017. A year later she returned to competition, far from the best brands, yes. But over the course of three years, she went from throwing 54 meters to breaking the national record last May with 71.40 meters. In Tokyo, the 64.61 was worth a silver that has ended up being much more than a simple metal.

A gold costs 800 dollars

Returning to the initial question, determining the value of an Olympic medal depends on many variables. In Tokyo, the gold ones were made more of silver than of gold, of which there were barely 6 grams of the total weight (556 grams). That’s about $ 800, as noted by Philip Newman, founding partner and managing director of Metals Focus.

The silver ones are made entirely of this material, weighing 550 grams and with a value of around 450 dollars. The bronze ones have a much lower value.

That an Olympic medal is not pure gold does not mean that its price does not even reach 1,000 euros. The story behind each one triggers the value of practically any metal conquered in an Olympic Games. On whether they keep their original tape and come with their case.

The Olympic medal for which the most money was paid in all history is one of the most symbolic. It was one of the four golds that the American Jesse Owens won at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. In 2019, at an auction, a collector almost raised $ 1.5 million to win the medal. Maria Andrejczyk’s silver has also entered history, perhaps not because of its price, but because of the life of Milos.

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