Belinda Breaks Her Silence After Breaking Up With Christian Nodal And Leaves A Sad Message: It Hurts A Lot

Christian Nodal and Belinda breakup

The singer did not hesitate to express her feelings and be vulnerable on social networks. Belinda broke her silence after her notorious breakup with Christian Nodal and opened her heart to her thousands of followers on Instagram.┬áThe singer did not hesitate to be vulnerable and she expressed all her sadness for the moment she is … Read more

Here’s Why Christian Nodal And Belinda Really Broke Up

Christian Nodal and Belinda breakup

We tell you what is known about the new rumors of an alleged separation between Belinda and Christian Nodal, a few days before Valentine’s Day. The singer Christian Nodal has confirmed that his relationship with Belinda ended. In a statement issued through Instagram, the artist said that the wedding plans he had with the actress … Read more

Maite Perroni Confirms Her Breakup With Koko Stambuk After 7 Years

Maite Perroni Breakup

The couple had been in a relationship for seven and a half years, but Maite Perroni told the reasons why they did not continue their courtship Maite Perroni confirmed that she broke up with Koko Stambuk after seven years of relationship and detailed the reasons why the separation occurred. The actress and RBD member opened … Read more