The couple had been in a relationship for seven and a half years, but Maite Perroni told the reasons why they did not continue their courtship Maite Perroni confirmed that she broke up with Koko Stambuk after seven years of relationship and detailed the reasons why the separation occurred.

The actress and RBD member opened her heart on the Se Regalan Dudas podcast, where she mentioned that she is currently single, for the first time in seven and a half years. “Personally, it has been months since I ended a relationship of seven and a half years as a couple.

And it does not necessarily have to be a toxic relationship, it is simply a story that ended a cycle, “said Maite Perroni about her romantic relationship, which she clarified that it ended in a fairly healthy way.

However, Maite acknowledged that the decision was not easy at all due to the affection that existed between the two. “It was difficult and at the same time it was healthy, it was liberating, although it sounds strange because we were already in different stages and we were walking to different places.”

Maite Perroni and Cristián Daniel Stambuk Sandoval, the full name of her ex-boyfriend and singer, began their relationship in 2013 after working on music together, which became serious in terms of their personal life.

“It’s been months now, only in that sense I am very discreet and I am not sharing those things, they are very personal processes, but it is already almost six months of a distance process,” concluded Maite Perroni in Se Regalan Dudas.

At the end of 2019, Stambuk proposed to Maite, who said yes. However, earlier this year he was questioned about the wedding.

“They always want to marry me but I am already more than fine, I have been in a relationship for a long time that has been, to be honest, a very very beautiful relationship and there we are very well. So no, we don’t have any problem with our calendar ”, replied the actress for the Ventaneando program.

The interpreter of “Lupita Fernández” in Rebelde denied having short-term plans to marry her boyfriend at that time. “ Everything is still in order and with plans that we are making, both personal and professional, and, well, no. They have nothing to worry about, ”he said in January 2021.

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1 thought on “Maite Perroni Confirms Her Breakup With Koko Stambuk After 7 Years

  1. About christian and maite‘s breakup, its very sad to hear about a relationship to be over after a couple who put their time and love into it for almost a decade and were planning to be married. I‘m a fan of perroni‘s acting work. But i believe that when someone is in a love relationship as she was, that person has to avoid being selfish with her work, i believe the work she did with dark desire ended her relationship with christian. And you know what i think she knew that and didn‘t care. Why? Only she knows that!

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