Sunday Special At EXATLON 5 USA Who Won The SUV?

The customary Sunday of fighting for permanence in the fifth season of Exatlon United States became a special evening where, instead of losing another partner, the athletes of the “Famous” and “Contending” teams will have a day at the Olympic swimming pool circuit at 12 points, where the winning team will go on to an individual fight, whose prize will be the first SUV of the fifth season. Important night in Exatlon USA!

One night where the injured once again set the tone. Denisse Novoa made a presence on the bench, supporting the “Contestants”, the machine from Tampa, Florida, Mack Roesch remains at rest, as does Frank Beltre. The “Famosos” Team started the day with a point from Viviana Michell, and it was Raquel Becker who tied the night 1 to 1, where the simple fact of knowing that no one would come out gave them some peace of mind to focus their efforts on scoring the 12 points to eventually be measured by the first SUV of the fifth season of the competition.

As for the next return of Novoa, the girl assured to be on the way to her total improvement and to be very anxious to return to give everything together with her companions. Denisse looked truly radiant and very determined, something tells us that sooner rather than later we will see her proving to all of us again why they call her “The Panther”.

The SUV: A welcome joy

After the unexpected and untimely departure of Martín Keuchkerian, the athletes of both teams needed a shot of adrenaline, and what better than a fight for the first SUV of the season to give them the necessary strength to continue. The Famosos started unstoppable with a solid 3 to 1 in their favor, during the first matchmaking round, which leads us to wonder, Will the SUV be red? After 3 points for the “Famosos”, it was Tavo, the “Jaws” of the “Contendientes”, who put the score 3 to 2, and the fight, much more even.

Talking of an equal fight, the second round of matchmaking started with a solid 3 to 3, both teams on equal footing, determined to triumph. The “Famous” continued to come back, focused on reaching the initial triumph to be able to measure themselves against each other and thus become winners of the first SUV of the fifth season, where since its inception, the promise was more than a million dollars in prizes, including the final amount that the winners of the edition will take.

But the Reds would not be beaten, so much so was the goal that they set that they did not stop until they reached the 12 points necessary to achieve the initial triumph and measure themselves against each other for the first SUV of the fifth season. Nathy Sánchez was the one who put the score 12 to 6, and thus the “Famous” took the victory.

After an intense fight between the Famous, all the athletes will start with two lives in a day of sudden death, the man and the woman who are left with one life disputed the last chance, they were Nicole Regnier and Jeyvier Cintrón, who faced each other for the chariot, and the girl was triumphant.

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