Actor Jamie Dornan’s Father Dies Of COVID-19

Jim Dornan was a renowned obstetrician and gynecologist. He passed away at the age of 73.

Actor Jamie Dornan suffered the death of his father from complications from COVID-19.

Jim Dornan passed away at the age of 73 from coronavirus. The doctor was a renowned healthcare worker,  obstetrician, and gynecologist.

In addition to the interpreter of “50 Shades of Gray”, he had two other daughters: Liesa and Jessica. And he was married to his now widow, Samina.

The also professor received dozens of tributes from his colleagues in health.

The president of the Northern Ireland division of clinical psychology, Nichola Rooney, has remembered him as a great teacher, “one of a kind”, and a very optimistic man who was also a true “visionary”. “In the early 90’s he saw the benefit that clinical psychology could bring to women and he made it happen,” he said on Twitter. “My friend. Rest in peace. With a love for Samina, Liesa, Jess, and Jamie,” he added referring to the famous interpreter and his two sisters and the deceased’s second wife, Samina.

Michael McBride, Northern Ireland Medical Director, has sent his condolences to his family and many friends, adding that he hopes they will all find some comfort in the knowledge that Jim Dornan has left a lasting legacy.

“Professor Dornan made an immense contribution to obstetrics and fetomaternal medicine. He played a number of significant and important leadership roles in the health service, both in Northern Ireland and at the national level,” he said.

In his last interview with Jimmy Kimmel in early February, the ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’ star explained that his father was retired, but had accepted a two-year professorship at a university hospital in Bahrain and was still very busy. Surprisingly, after his retirement, he also discovered an unexpected interest in acting after briefly appearing as a cop on the series ‘The Fall’ starring his son and again accepting another role without telling Jamie in an episode of ‘Marcella’, although his Dialogue was removed in post-production and ended up appearing only as an extra.

“It was offered to him directly, he did not have to audition. Now it is too important for that,” joked the actor at the time.

And of course, Jamie Dornan was only 16 when his mother, Lorna, died of pancreatic cancer.

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