Sammy Pérez: His Older Brother Dies From Covid-19

Sammy Pérez’s older brother died of Covid-19, just two weeks after the comedian’s death, his nephew confirmed.
Two weeks after the death of Sammy Pérez by Covid-19, a new tragedy occurs in his family, also because of the new coronavirus.

Sammy Pérez’s older brother died on Saturday, August 14, after catching Covid-19, confirmed his nephew Daniel, in an interview with the program ‘Sale el Sol’.

Tributes for Sammy Pérez have been postponed due to the death of his brother

In an interview with the program ‘De Primera Mano’, Daniel Pérez spoke about the posthumous tributes that had been announced for Sammy Pérez.

This is how the young man revealed the new death registered in the family of Sammy Pérez, which is why his plans have had to be postponed.

“We are trying to understand things, right now thinking of a tribute for him because we have the ashes at home and we want to pay a tribute. It should be noted that his brother, my uncle, also passed away on Saturday from Covid, his older brother from my uncle, so imagine, there are already two little things that we have on top of it “


Sammy Pérez: Will your ex-girlfriend have to pay the hospital bill because she was the one who admitted him?

Sammy Pérez’s nephew said that given the difficult family situation they are going through, they have decided to leave the matter of the comedian’s girlfriend alone.

“It has been two weeks since he left us, a little more. Right now we are trying to overcome the process, to understand what happened because it was very fast … we have already put aside the bickering that was in question with your partner, I think that right now is what interests us the least “


Regarding the millionaire account that Sammy Pérez left in the hospital where he was treated, Daniel said that they have left the matter in the hands of Eugenio Derbez’s lawyers.

“As such, right now Eugenio Derbez’s lawyers are only taking care of that, they have not informed us for sure. Apparently, there is a sign there, which belongs to the person who entered it, who is his ex-partner, this firm we do not know how it will work, we do not know for sure about the debt.


Regarding the possibility that Zuleika Garza, Sammy Pérez’s ex-girlfriend, is the one who has to pay the hospital debt since she was the one who admitted him, the young man replied:

“We do not know, I do not know what terms the lawyers arrive at, they did not tell us about a payment obviously, neither from her nor from us”

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