Japanese Animator Masami Suda Dies At 77

The death of a legend of Japanese animation was confirmed at the age of 77: Masami Suda (“Slam Dunk”, “Hokuto no Ken”, among others), a fundamental firm in the global development of this industry.

The death occurred on August 1 but was only ratified hours ago in Japan by local media.

Part of the work that made the animator famous was developed in “Hokuto no Ken”, also known in the West as “Fist of the North Star”, which in turn has given rise to a video game saga.

His beginnings date back to 1967 when he was part of the team that developed “Meteoro”. Later, it was part of “Hakushon Daimaō”, “Gatchaman” and “Slam Dunk”, “Yu-Gi-Oh!” and “Lupine III”, where he also worked from the creative team.

In addition to various projects for “Dragon Ball,” he was also the animation director for the anime “Viewtiful Joe” and the character designer for “Yokai Watch

“Masami Suda has passed away. Among the predecessors of animation, Mr. Suda was my target and I longed for him. I sincerely pray for his soul, ”wrote“ One Piece ”animator Kenji Yokoyama on social media.

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