Dulceida Mourns The Death Of Her Grandmother

The ‘influencer’ has said goodbye to her beloved relative through Instagram, where she has published an emotional photo album with her.

2021 is not being the best summer for Dulceida (31 years old). After announcing her separation -at least temporarily- from Alba Paul (33) at the beginning of the season, this Tuesday she communicated through her Instagram account that her grandmother Ana had passed away.

Along with a photo album in which she shares endearing moments with her, the influencer has published a text written in Spanish and Catalan: “No m’ho crec”, she begins by saying. And then she dedicates a whole series of compliments to what was one of the pillars of her life: ” Today you are gone and you do not know what we will miss you. My Anita Dynamite, the happiest, with her contagious, sympathetic laugh to say enough, in love with her family, brave and strong, “she writes.

The news has come by surprise, according to the words of the content creator, who explains that “I could not imagine that this would ever happen because it should be eternal and it hurts a lot .”

Next, the Catalan also has a few words for her: ” Thank you for being the greatest bird of the world. Always and remember així, unique. T’ESTIMO INFINIT. One star month to the cel, for you are resting with the avi” ( Thank you for being the best grandmother in the world. We will remember you like this, unique. I love you infinite. One more star in the sky, now you are resting with grandfather ).

Aída is one of the most beloved personalities in the world of influencers and many of these have wanted to shelter her in this difficult moment. In this way, there are hundreds of supportive comments in the publication, and among the well-known faces who have typed a message of consolation are Pablo Castellano, María Pombo’s husband, the actress Itziar Castro (44) or the celebrity makeup artist Gabriel Plain .

The influencer has always boasted of the excellent relationship that united her with her grandmother, despite the generational difference. In fact, according to the young woman, Ana was a modern woman ahead of her time who accepted Alba with complete naturalness when she was introduced as her partner. On several occasions, the fashion prescriber has revealed that her grandmother’s response to the news was to welcome the influencer’s partner as yet another granddaughter.

Dulceida  (31 years old) and Alba Paul (33) are not having a good time. This was revealed by both at the beginning of July both on their social networks. Through their Instagram stories they communicated to their followers that, after five years of marriage and almost seven of relationship, they decided to take some time.

The Catalan influencer and her partner wanted to speak publicly after rumors of a possible crisis between them intensified. True to her closeness to her almost three million followers, Aída Doménech – Dulceida’s real name – was honest and confessed, visibly dejected, that they are going through a crisis that has led them to make the painful decision to temporarily separate.

However, she wanted to keep some details in the strictest privacy and did not explain the reasons that have led them to this point just a week after proclaiming her love on their social networks for Pride Day.

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