Sammy Pérez: His Older Brother Dies From Covid-19

Sammy Pérez older brother died

Sammy Pérez’s older brother died of Covid-19, just two weeks after the comedian’s death, his nephew confirmed. Two weeks after the death of Sammy Pérez by Covid-19, a new tragedy occurs in his family, also because of the new coronavirus. Sammy Pérez’s older brother died on Saturday, August 14, after catching Covid-19, confirmed his nephew … Read more

Who is Zuleika Garza And How She Became Sammy Pérez’s Girlfriend

Zuleika Garza

When the actor introduced his fiancée, they talked about their relationship dynamics, how they met and even revealed who frequently showed their jealousy. It was in early 2021 that Sammy Pérez first introduced Zuleika Garza, his fiancée. His public appearance occurred through the program Es Show, which is broadcast on Multimedios. In this program, Zuleika told that the story of … Read more

This Is The Last Photo They Shared Of Sammy Pérez

Sammy Pérez Last Photo

Erick de Paz, the representative of the actor, lamented the death of his partner In the last hours, Erick de Paz, who resides in Guatemala and served as Sammy Pérez’s manager, shared details of the last days of the famous XHDRBZ actor. On this occasion, De Paz shared the last photo with Sammy. They both posed relaxed, waving. “ I never thought … Read more

Who Was Sammy Perez? We Remember A Comedy Great In Mexico

Sammy Pérez Died

Unfortunately, after a strong fight against COVID-19, Sammy, the eternal companion of Eugenio Derbéz, died due to a cardiovascular arrest related to the complications derived from SARS-CoV-2. We remember the legacy of Sammy Pérez, one of the icons of comedy in Mexico. The first decade of the 21st century was marked by the programs XHDRBZ, La Familia Peluche, and … Read more

Sammy Pérez Dies At 55 After Fighting COVID-19

Sammy Pérez Died

At dawn on Friday, actor, and comedian Sammy Pérez died at 55 years of age due to cardiovascular arrest, after he was hospitalized for several weeks due to complications from COVID-19. The actor who gained fame from various programs by Eugenio Derbez died at dawn this Friday due to cardiovascular arrest The news was confirmed through … Read more

Sammy Pérez Died: Everything You Need To Know

Sammy Pérez Died

Sammy Pérez, actor and comedian known for his participation in programs by Eugenio Derbez, such as Televisa’s XHDRBZ, has died after being hospitalized in an emergency after presenting serious symptoms of COVID-19, since last July 18. The Mexican actor was known for working alongside Eugenio Derbez, but his constant projects have kept him in the public eye. Photo: Instagram “In … Read more