Octavio Ocaña: A New Video Went Viral Where He Appeared Shooting With His Right Hand

The mystery surrounding the case of the deceased actor continues to grow and every day new details about his personal life come to light that could impact the investigation

A week after the terrible incident in which Octavio Ocaña lost his life, known in the middle of the show for playing “ Benito Rivers ”, a new video came to light that would throw back the information that circulated on the internet about the actor He was left-handed because in this new fragment he can be seen shooting with his right hand in a different setting from that of the investigation.

It was last Friday, October 29, when the well-known Tamaulipas actor was involved in persecution with a police force from the State of Mexico. The event happened in the municipality of Cuautitlán Izcalli, where Ocaña finally hit his truck against a retaining wall of the highway and, after being sent to the hospital, lost his life.

With the sensitive news, endless information about the case began to circulate on social networks, which increased speculation about what had really happened. One of the data that drew attention was released after, in a first report by the State of Mexico Prosecutor’s Office, it was indicated that the death of the actor was caused by an accidental shooting that he took.


Given this, it had been disclosed that Octavio Ocaña was left-handed, so he could not have shot himself with his right hand as speculated. However, a new video is now circulating on the internet where the actor can be seen firing shots into the air with the hand in question.

In the short audiovisual fragment recovered by the Twitter account @alertasurbanas, the actor from Vecinos can be seen holding a weapon with his right hand. ” Orale, pinch * Benito, ” shouted one of those present as Ocaña pointed straight ahead and fired three shots into the air.

The actor cut the cartridge again and fired two more bullets. Then he passed the gun to one of his companions. Everything happened on a dark stage at night and in the background, a song that could come from the horns of a car was heard.

In that same talk, Octavio Pérez revealed that his son did have a 380 gun in his possession. The father of the family explained that the actor carried it because of the insecurity that exists throughout the country, it was a way of feeling protected in addition to telling with a couple of people who always accompanied him.

“ Honestly yes, but he never had a cut cartridge, forbidden, the neck had that. They killed him and put it there, they put it on him as if it were murder, but the bullet enters from behind, how is it going to be fired? ”, Said in the program of the journalist of spectacles.

However, Pérez pointed out that the shot that ended the life of “Benito Rivers” does not correspond to the caliber of the weapon that he owned, since it was pointed out that the shot went through the actor’s face was from a 9-millimeter weapon.

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