[VIDEO] Cat In A Blender Video & Photos Viral On Social Media

Cat In A Blender video

Social media channels are inundated with disturbing videos of cats being blended. Despite some sites’ strict community restrictions on sensitive content, the warning video spread like wildfire. The video angered online viewers and encouraged others to stop sharing the video. Someone wrote on Facebook: “Honestly, I’m ashamed of all those who happily hunted down and … Read more

[VIDEO] Tanya Pardazi Skydiving Video & Photos Viral On Social Media

Tanya Pardazi Accident

The ‘influencer’ fell into the void after a solo parachute jump. The world of influencers is in mourning, especially TikTok followers, after learning of the unexpected death of Tanya Pardazi. The 21-year-old, and Miss Canada semifinalist, died last Saturday, August 27, in a tragic accident while practicing skydiving, while completing the first course with the  Skydive Toronto … Read more

[VIDEO] Archie Battersbee Video & Photos Viral On Social Media

Archie Battersbee photo Of Breathing

The 12-year-old British boy Archie Battersbee, who had been hospitalized in a state of brain death for four months, died this Saturday after being disconnected in a London hospital, ending a long legal battle waged by his parents against the health system. “Archie passed away at 12:15 today” (8:15 in Argentina), his mother, Hollie Dance, … Read more

[VIDEO] Cooper Noriega Video & Photos Viral Before His Death

Cooper Noriega Videos before his death

TikTok star Cooper Noriega joins the list of influencers who died mysteriously, as the tiktoker was found dead in a parking lot. Cooper Noriega had more than 2.7 million followers on TikTok, so his death shocked users of social networks. According to reports, the TikTok celebrity was found in a shopping center parking lot in Los Angeles, when a … Read more

[VIDEO] Simiso Buthelezi Video & Photos Viral On Social Media

Simiso Buthelezi Video

Simiso Buthelezi died at just 24 years old. This South African boxer, who participated in a fight for the national champion’s belt in the lightweight category, suffered a terrible knockout in the last round. Explanations. The image is terrible and its consequences appalling. Last weekend, what was supposed to be a major sporting event for South African … Read more