The fifth season of Exatlon United States is underway with something that has captivated the entire audience. Of the 22 athletes still in the competition, because two have already left, there are 10 emblematic faces from previous seasons that returned to continue putting all their skills to the test in the arenas of the sporting challenges and competitions program. One of them is the remembered first season contender Raquel Becker, who returned to end what she started a while ago as part of Team Azul, in the season where the now sports commentator, Chelly Cantú, won the victory. and made history by becoming the first winner – and also a woman – of Exatlon United States.

At 28, Raquel has a very interesting job, as she works as an action cinematographer for television shows and movies, Exatlon United States fans have followed Raquel’s step in the season that started it all, and then in the “Tournament of Seasons” of the fourth installment, where athletes of all editions met in a series of days with a lot of adrenaline, for a prize other than the final champion, which was Nate Burkhalter. As if that weren’t enough, Becker is also an important member of the Mexican Parkour Team.

The Sportium website provides a very accurate biography of Raquel since they say that for only five years, Becker has been focused on sports, practicing disciplines such as gymnastics, later the Olympic lifts and currently practices parkour, climbing, swimming, goes She goes to the gym religiously and performs martial arts as part of her stunt job. A truly multifaceted athlete!

Becker is not just about sports, she is also a consummate lover and protector of animals, with her dog, a German shepherd named “Rufus”, her main adventure companion. On February 2, the girl celebrated the birthday of her best four-legged friend, on an expedition with her father.

5 things you didn’t know about Raquel Becker

There are two things that characterize Raquel Becker, her discipline and her eternal smile that she adapts to every situation she faces in her life. The production of Exatlon United States wanted the followers of the competition program to know a little more about the girl from Team Contendientes and invited her to tell five things that the audience did not know about her, and the result is a very funny list that leaves in evidence that Raquel is not only a stellar athlete but a very funny young woman, a lover of family and good times:

  1. Outside of Exatlon USA, her hobbies are walking her dog, Rufus, going out to eat, watching documentaries, and singing, which she enjoys very much.
  2. The ones she misses the most since she returned to Exatlon USA are his entire family and his coach.
  3. Before arriving in the Dominican Republic for the fifth season of Exatlon United States, she ate everything! Sushi, sandwiches, and lots of chocolate.
  4. What she likes most about sport and parkour is that it keeps her moving and by practicing them she makes her feel free.
  5. Her favorite circuit within the Exatlon United States is the Olympic pool and she considers herself a fan of diving.

Don’t miss the video here!

We love knowing the more relaxed side of the Mexican athlete, who continues in the fight for glory in the fifth season of Exatlon United States.

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