Ricardo Crespo, Is Arrested For Alleged Sexual Abuse Of His Daughter.

The complaint against the actor was filed in December with the Special Prosecutor for Sexual Crimes

Actor Ricardo Crespo Green was arrested on Monday, February 15, by elements of the Mexico City Security Secretariat for his alleged responsibility in the crime of sexual abuse against his daughter.

It was in December that the actor’s wife filed a complaint with the Special Prosecutor for Sexual Crimes for the alleged sexual assault on the minor under 14 years of age.

According to the report by journalist Carlos Jiménez, Ricardo Crespo was arrested after being accused of abusing his daughter.

The order was completed by elements of the Secretariat of Citizen Security of the capital of the country.

Ricardo Crespo Arrested
(Photo: Twitter @ c4jimenez

” The actor is imprisoned in a capital prison and is under trial, accused of abuse against the best of 14 years,” he added.

Chapter I Sexual Harassment, Sexual Abuse, Rape and Violation of the Federal Criminal Code (CPF) stipulates the sanctions established for any type of sexual abuse with its respective offenders.

According to Article 260 of the CPF, “whoever executes on a person, without their consent, or compels them to perform sexual acts for themselves or another person, without the purpose of copulation, commits the crime of sexual abuse. Whoever commits this crime will be sentenced to six to ten years in prison and a fine of up to two hundred days ”.

It is also indicated that “if violence is used, physical or psychological, the penalty will be increased by one more half in its minimum and maximum .”

Ricardo Crespo Arrested
(Photo: Twitter @ c4jimenez

When the victim is a minor, “fifteen years old or in a person who does not have the capacity to understand the meaning of the fact, even with his consent, or who for any reason cannot resist it or forces him to execute it in himself or in another person, a penalty of six to thirteen years in prison and up to five hundred days fine will be imposed “

In the last five days, the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City has issued four press bulletins on arrests related to the crime of rape or sexual assault.

It was on February 13 that he reported on the execution of an arrest warrant against a man for the probable commission of the crime of aggravated sexual abuse.

Without providing any particular data on the detained person, it is added that “as a precedent, last January the individual was denounced since he possibly took advantage of his closeness to the victim to sexually assault her .” The individual was transferred to the South Male Preventive Prison.

Who is Ricardo Crespo?

Ricardo Crespo, 45, was part of the last generation of the Garibaldi group and shared the stage with Patricia Manterola and Sergio Mayer.

He has also participated in series such as “Control Z”, “La Piloto” and “El Dragón”. The most recent project he was on was “Caballero que Cantan”, in which Lisardo, Agustín Arana and Manuel Landeta also participated.

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