Nicky Jam and Cydney Moreau had been mired in strong separation rumors within a year of getting engaged. However, the singer-songwriter put an end to speculation by recently revealing that he is a single man.

“No, we are not together. I know that when I go, I will not return. When I finish something it is because there is nothing left. My respect for her, I love her very much and I love her very much, “said Jam referring to his love break with Moreau in an interview with the radio show ‘Flow Urbano’.

When asked about the reasons for his separation from the American model, the star replied: “The situation of the pandemic and the forty affected the situation a bit and it simply did not work. I do not like to talk about another person when he is not there to defend himself and I have a lot of love for my ex-partner, but we are on a good note. It just didn’t work. “

The interpreter of “Mischief” continued mentioning that the separation in a couple is something very common today, but that they make it look like a catastrophe when dealing with a celebrity.

“The reality of the matter is that these things happen many times with normal people there, but nobody says anything because they are not artists. But since I am an artist it is a catastrophe and it is a problem ”, highlighted Nicky Jam.

Throughout his interview with the radio show ‘Flow Urbano’, Jam assured that he preferred not to delve into details about his love breakup out of respect for his ex-partner: “If I don’t talk about it anymore it’s because I have respect for my ex-partner. She is a tremendous person and a tremendous girl, simply as a couple she did not give. There are many things involved, culturally speaking, language, there are many little things ”.

Nicky Jam and Cydney Moreau announced their engagement in December 2019. Shortly thereafter, the couple got engaged during a romantic Valentine’s Day celebration in 2020.

Jam and Moreau met at the recordings of the music video for “Atrévete” in 2019 in the city of Miami. At that time, the young American was the official model of the audiovisual project of the reggaeton theme music in collaboration with Sech.

The entertainment show “El Gordo y la Flaca” was one of the first media to report on the couple’s separation. According to reporter Tanya Charry, Nicky Jam and Cydney Moreau had planned to celebrate their wedding in the Dominican Republic, but at the last minute, the plans were definitively canceled.

Despite her separation from Moreau, Jam rented the model an apartment in one of the most exclusive areas of the city of Miami so that she could live comfortably in the new stage of her life as a single woman, as reported by “El Gordo y la Skinny”. 

Through her official account on Instagram, Cydney Moreau still keeps her photographs in the company of Nicky Jam and has not commented on the cancellation of her engagement with the famous singer-songwriter.

Moreau is an established model who has walked for major designers on major catwalks in the United States. In the business world, the Louisiana-born young woman founded her own sportswear line called “Shop Cyd Rose”.

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  1. Much respect for Nicky , and the way he handles things. No need to put her down. It’s hard to be with someone from another country, culture. Both will find true Love.

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