Carmen Salinas’s Brother, Sergio Salinas Lozano, Dies

The actress Carmen Salinas mourned the death of her brother, Sergio Salinas, who lost the battle against cancer.

The actress Carmen Salinas used social networks to reveal that her brother, Sergio Salinas, died on Sunday, March 14 due to complications derived from cancer he suffered.

With an emotional message shared on Instagram, the also theatrical businesswoman expressed with regret that her relative left this world when he was in Torreón, Coahuila.

“Today the whole family and I are filled with great sadness. On the morning of this Sunday, March 14, my beloved brother, Sergio Salinas Lozano, died in our land Torreón, Coahuila. Her children, Laura, Javier, and Jorge, as well as her grandchildren, siblings, and nephews, are immensely sad ”, confessed the famous.

“The damn cancer was the cause of his death. How much we will miss you, dear brother. God has you in His mercy. As long as I have life, you will be in my heart and my prayers ”, declared Carmen Salinas .

Carmen Salinas received support from her fans

After talking about her brother’s departure, actress Carmen Salinas received hundreds of messages of solidarity from her followers.

“Our condolences”; “My deepest condolences”; “God comfort your heart, give you the strength to bear your pain”; “Dear Carmen, I send you a big hug. We will pray for the sad loss, “said some netizens on Instagram and Twitter.

As a tribute, Carmelita, as she is also known in the middle of the show, shared some photographs with her brother Sergio Salinas.

“I am extremely saddened by the death of my dear brother Sergio Salinas Lozano. Today the 14th, in the morning, he left with his wife and son Sergio. You left your children, brothers, grandchildren, and nephews deeply saddened. How are we going to miss you. QPD ”, said the interpreter on Twitter.

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