EXATLON 5 USA: Mack Roesch And Denisse Novoa What About Their Injuries?

Injuries have set the tone in Exatlon USA’s fifth season. Since its inception in the arenas of the Dominican Republic, the so-called “Competencia Más Feroz del Planeta”  has featured a significant number of athletes who have taken blows, including two former Team Contendientes contestants, Andrea “Candela” Nerio and Jomarie Martinez.

The situation for those who continue in the competition continues to be just as complicated, due to the famous “La Máquina” from Tampa, Florida, Mack Roesch continues to rest on the television broadcast, since last March 14 Viviana Michel is injured, Frank Beltre returned to the circuit on March 15 to fight for the Fortress. On the side of the Contending, the strongest women of this day, Denisse Novoa and Ana Parra are resting, which makes the situation difficult for Raquel Becker, one of the few women who could go to an eventual fight for permanence next Sunday, March 21.

Denisse Novoa: Eager to return

Denisse Novoa is accompanied by injuries. The blue-eyed Mexican resident of Miami, Florida, in her first step at the Exatlón Estados Unidos

, a blow that cost her surgery was what did not allow her to continue in the competition, and now a situation in the neck is what keeps her on the benches without scoring points, although recently Novoa confessed to the presenter Frederik Oldenburg, that she is already on the way to recovery and cannot wait to resume her firm and determined step for each circuit again, because for that she went to the Dominican Republic, to overcome.

In the case of “King of Obstacles” Mack Roesch, the situation is very different. The man from Tampa, Florida, since a leg injury has not been able to join his group, after having been undoubtedly the strongest and having shown an absolutely unstoppable pace which has not only wreaked havoc on his team but also in his future within the competition to which he arrived determined to succeed.

What about the injuries of Mack Roesch and Denisse Novoa?

As expected, already entering the eighth week of competitions, on social networks the concern of the followers is only increasing. Exatlón Estados Unidos fans and their athletes assure that something else could be happening with Denisse Novoa and Mack Roesch, respectively, because since the beginning of the fifth season we have seen other athletes overcome their injuries and continue, even others who had to leave before a long recovery time, but in the case of Denisse and Mack, the weeks continue to pass, but the information about their health status has been somewhat hermetic, and it is evident that their recovery time has not been an obstacle to that they continue, but without participating.

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