Martin Keuchkerian Announces Return To EXATLON 5 USA

The last time we saw the Uruguayan Martín Keuchkerian in the Exatlon United States was in the episode of March 11, where the athlete received an urgent call and was informed by the production of the television program that his mother was in poor health and that they invited him to leave the competition as soon as possible to be with his family and say goodbye to his mother in her last days, after fighting a long and aggressive battle against pancreatic cancer.

Immediately, Martín left for Boston to accompany his family in such a difficult moment, and in effect managed to say his last goodbye to the most important woman in his life…

Return of Martín Keuchkerian

Much was said about the future of Martín Keuchkerian within the Exatlon United States. Different portals for fans assured that Keuchkerian would not return, as he had made the decision to remain with his family, and since he would have entered Exatlon to give joy to his mother who was a consummate fan, it would no longer make sense to continue in the competition.

But in the case of Martín Keuchkerian, nothing is further from the truth. On March 15, the Contestants began their circuit with bittersweet news from the Uruguayan. Although he began by informing that his mother had indeed died and was “in a better place”, he also said that he would have implored him to continue and not abandon the competition under any circumstances, thus ensuring that they would soon meet again in the arenas of República. Dominicana, to culminate the crusade that began.

Before this message that deeply moved all the Contestants, “El Vaquero” Kelvin Noeh Renteria, made a public prayer for the soul of Martín’s mother, whom everyone is waiting to give her all the affection he deserves to continue as the warrior What is it.

Strength, Champion!

It is not the first time it happens

Another athlete, who coincidentally is participating again in the fifth season of Exatlon United States, also experienced something very similar to Martín Keuchkerian, but in the second season of the competition. It is about the Mexican soccer player Norma Palafox, who in full competition, received the call that her mother had died, and the girl broke into a crying sense, falling into the arms of all her teammates who turned to hug her because of the difficult situation.

At that time, Norma Palafox, like Martín Keuchkerian, was absent for several weeks from the competition, and upon his return, it seems that he returned stronger than ever and with the necessary fuel to position himself comfortably among the best of the second season and just barely. have achieved the triumph.

There is no doubt that the boys of Exatlon United States, even if they do not win the season, they are already champions of life because when seeing their reactions to the toughest tests, it only remains to admire them not only for their sporting skills but for their human quality unwavering.

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